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World’s toughest prisons: The five jails with histories of murder, disease and torture

This is a great article, but dear Lord is it depressing.  The prisons include Rikers Island, Bang Kwang (Thailand), La Sante (France), Diyarbakir Prison (Turkey), and Carandiru Prison (Brazil).  In one of the prisons featured, 122 inmates committed suicide in one year due to conditions.  At another, inmates set themselves on fire to avoid the torture of the guards.

Read the article here.

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Inmates set prison on fire in Turkey

Inmates of a prison in southeastern Turkey set ablaze their jail Sunday morning, local media reported.

According to Today’s Zaman newspaper website, the incident took place at a prison in Mardin province. It could not be immediately ascertained how many people exactly had been taken to hospitals after three ambulances arrived at the venue.

Read more: http://in.news.yahoo.com/inmates-set-prison-fire-turkey-113233721.html

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