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NZ: Government urged to protect transgender prisoners

From the article: “The University of Auckland’s Equal Justice Project has slammed Department of Corrections policy placing transgender women in men’s prisons, unless they have had access to full sex-change surgery.”

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FL: Transgender former inmate sues over alleged jail rape

From the article: “The inmate, identified in court papers only as D.B., says she was removed from protective custody over her protests and placed in general population, where her cellmate, Josh Bailey, raped her on Dec. 8, 2008, according to the suit.”

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NZ: Solutions for trans prisoners needed

From the article: “The government is being urged to consider new options for transgender prisoners after a trans woman had her sentence in a men’s prison reduced because she’s at risk of being a target for other prisoners.”

According to the article, the inmate had been attacked earlier and locked herself/himself in her/his cell for 23 hours a day.

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Transgender Rights in Prison

From the article: “Years ago, in a darkened parking lot in the middle of the night, Kathy Padilla would meet with fellow transgender people who sought support from one another in a society that treated them like outcasts.”

“How things have changed since then for transgender men and women in America, who have made great strides in recent years toward reaching their ultimate goal: to be treated like ordinary people. On Tuesday, they won another victory when a Massachusetts judge became the first to order prison officials to provide sex-reassignment surgery for a murder convict, saying it was the only way to treat her gender-identity disorder.”

Read more news about the Massachusetts decision here.

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Sex-change surgery for prison inmate granted by judge

From the article: “A federal judge in Boston on Tuesday ordered the Massachusetts Department of Corrections to provide sex-change surgery to a transgender inmate serving life in prison for murder, ruling that failure to do so violated the prisoner’s Eighth Amendment right to adequate treatment.”

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