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PA: Audit cites training deficiencies at state prisons

From the article: “A report by the state auditor general has found the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections failed to monitor and review employee training as required by agency policy and the standards of the American Correctional Association.”

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OH: Evaluation of New Officer Training

Every state corrections department has a new officer training.  The potential positive impact of the training can be immense, as inexperienced officers are generally placed on second shift, which also tends to be the shift on which the most serious incidents occur.  In this day of staffing reductions, corrections departments generally do not have a surplus of staff to ensure lengthy supervised probationary periods.  Rather, new staff generally are given a post and are expected to be able to work the block with just the new officer training to prepare them.

Despite the importance and prevalence of new officer training, there is very little systemic research on the topic…until now.  Ohio’s Correctional Institution Inspection Committee has published a report on new officer training, comparing Ohio to fifteen other states plus the Bureau of Prisons.  You can check it out here.

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