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UK: Probation Reforms ‘Unworkable’ Say Campaigners

From the article: “Government plans to make every convict leaving prison spend at least a year under supervision in the community have been branded “unworkable” by a leading campaign group.”

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Justice: Prison Compassionate Release Programs Inconsistent

From the article: “The U.S. Bureau of Prisons lacks clear standards on when to grant compassionate release to inmates with terminal illnesses and limited life expectancies, the Justice Department’s inspector general said Wednesday.”

The poor management of the program “has likely resulted in potentially eligible inmates not being considered for release,”

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Federal ‘Compassionate’ Prison Release Rarely Given

From the article: “Back in 1984, Congress gave authorities the power to let people out of federal prison early, in extraordinary circumstances, like if inmates were gravely ill or dying. But a new report [by Human Rights Watch] says the Federal Bureau of Prisons blocks all but a few inmates from taking advantage of ‘compassionate release.'”

Read the NPR article here.

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TX: State caught in middle in medical parole debate

From the article: “Over the past year, Texas taxpayers have spent $6,000 a day on medical treatments for one prisoner who has run up a whopping $2 million bill…This prisoner has also become the poster person for advocates and legislators such as state Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, who are pushing for more prisoners to receive medical paroles. It’s a fiercely emotional issue pitting victims against criminals, with the state caught in the middle, balancing fiscal responsibility with justice and fairness.”

This article highlights the choices that the state must make in determining whether to release inmates with medical conditions that not only impose a high cost for taxpayers, but also likely impede the future commission of crime.  Read more here.

In Ohio, legislators attempted to somewhat deal with this issue by passing Ohio Revised Code Section 2967.05, “Release as if on parole of dying prisoner.”  The law was intended to allow the prison system to parole inmates who have been determined to be in imminent threat of death (generally within six months).  However, there were so many exclusions added on to the legislation that essentially no one could actually be released.

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CA: Court order forces state to release ‘repulsive’ inmate

From the article: “On orders of a San Diego appeals court, California prison officials have agreed to release a bedridden inmate court officials themselves describe as “an angry, repulsive person.”

That may seem a bit harsh…except when you read that “Martinez was sentenced to 157 years or more in prison after a 1998 attack in which he ran over a woman with his car, beat, abducted and then raped her.”

I’m no psychologist, but he does seem to have a bit of an anger problem.

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