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WA: State prisons rethink solitary confinement

From the article: “Washington’s prisons are at the forefront of a new approach to solitary confinement, finding that a new focus on rehabilitation may calm some inmates’ behavior in prison and prevent violence once they are back on the street.”


Read more here.

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Prison works: David Cameron unveils plans to force criminals to stop watching TV and start earning money while behind bars

The UK’s Prime Minister announces plans to get tough on criminals.  Part of his plan is a “pay for performance” scheme by which private companies will be paid for lowered recidivism results.  In general, Cameron appears to be focusing on rehabilitation and reentry, wanting inmates in prison to be involved in programming and attaining work skills, with greater supervision on the back end.  Read more on Cameron’s speech here.

My main thought is that it all sounds good, but programming and training require money and staff resources.  According to the article, the UK already pays 40,000 pounds per inmate annually.  In my experience, most people who work in the prison system understand the benefit of programming and want to keep inmates actively engaged; it always comes down to a lack of resources, not will.  Hopefully Cameron is going to be willing to put money where his mouth is.

Prison works: David Cameron unveils plans to force criminals to stop watching TV and start earning money while behind bars

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CLP wants alcoholic offender prison farms

It is not entirely clear to me what the connection is between alcoholism and farming (…grains?), but they are considering mandatory rehabilitation farms for “chronic alcoholic offenders.”  I am no farmer, but the likelihood of this farm having any sort of a real harvest seems markedly low.


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In Pa., prison-policy trend moves toward fewer inmates, more treatment

“For decades, Pennsylvania has taken a strict lock-them-up approach to crime and punishment: Put offenders behind bars for as long as possible, and keep building more prisons to hold them.

The result is a state prison population of 51,757 – up 40 percent in the last dozen years – a corrections budget of $1.86 billion, and 26 penitentiaries that, as of June, were beyond capacity by 4,000 inmates.

But even as construction proceeds on a $315 million state correctional complex at Graterford in Montgomery County, the public-policy pendulum appears to be swinging in a new direction, toward programs that would get nonviolent inmates out of prison and into rehabilitation- and community-based facilities.”

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20120802_In_Pa___prison-policy_trend_moves_toward_fewer_inmates__more_treatment.html

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