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UK: Haverigg prison selected in bid to reduce reoffending rates

From the article: “The reforms will mean all offenders leaving custody receive ‘through the gate’ supervision and support to turn their lives around.  Introducing resettlement prisons will mean many offenders are released from prisons in, or close to, areas where they will live.”

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B.C. coroner’s jury makes 5 proposals to avoid more inmate murders

A Canadian inquest that looked into the recent murder of an inmate by his serial killer cellie made the following recommendations after listening to two days of testimony:

  • Prisons across the country should consider housing multiple murderers in their own cells and allow dangerous offenders to jump the queue for their own sleeping quarters
  • “all information” regarding inmates be made available to a broader group of staff before a transfer is approved
  • mandatory single accommodation should be considered in the case of multiple murderers
  • measures implemented at Mountain Institute following its own internal investigation into the death be carried out on a national level, such as requiring wardens to report on progress of high-profile inmates transferred from “special handling units.”
  • Corrections should review its policy regarding flashlight intensity and explore alternate technologies to detect inmates’ body heat

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Pa. measure aims to reduce inmate costs

From the article: “Gov. Corbett signed into law Thursday sweeping prison reform legislation aimed at reducing recidivism and lowering the skyrocketing cost of housing the state’s inmates…Under the law, counties have the option to house prisoners who normally would go to state prisons. Counties such as Philadelphia with overcrowded jails could opt out, but upstate counties such as Columbia, with empty beds, might take on prisoners from other counties, Corbett said.”

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California may lead prison-reform trend, ease ‘3 strikes’

Similar to other states, budget crunches and the high cost of corrections are leading legislators and voters to reconsider tough sentencing structures that have packed CA’s prisons beyond capacity.

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UK: £3m ‘to help improve foreign jails’

“The British Government is pumping a reported £3 million per year into a fund to help improve prison conditions overseas.

The Ministry of Justice said the Returns and Reintegration Fund (RRF) has three “live projects” under way to better prison conditions in Jamaica and Nigeria.”

Read more: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/3m-help-improve-foreign-jails-044927813.html

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Jail reforms demoralizing deputies and emboldening inmates, union president says

“Reforms made to address excessive force in the Los Angeles County sheriff’s jails have caused deputy morale to hit an all-time low and have allowed inmates to start running the jails, contends the president of the union for rank and file deputies.”

Read more: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/08/jail-reforms-demoralizing-deputies-and-emboldening-inmates-union-president-says.html

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Still, a Promise of Reform for California’s Juvenile Justice System

“In January 2012, California Gov. Jerry Brown proposed a historic reform of the state juvenile justice system, the Division of Juvenile Facilities (DJF), by giving counties full responsibility for managing their offender population.

This initiative, named Juvenile Justice Realignment, would have ended state intake of youth by 2013 and closed all facilities by 2015. The governor subsequently rescinded this proposal due to aggressive lobbying by state law enforcement associations.”

Read more: http://jjie.org/still-promise-of-reform-for-californias-juvenile-justice-system/90471?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+jjie+%28JJIE+RSS+Feed%29

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Corrections reform: a viable option for budget savings

From The Vera Institute:

“The State Budget Crisis Task Force, co-chaired by former New York Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch and former Federal Reserve Board Chair Paul Volcker, recently released a report that identifies the leading structural problems that undermine the long-term fiscal sustainability of the states. These issues include the rising cost of Medicaid, the prospect of less revenue from the federal government, as well as one that Vera’s Cost-Benefit Analysis Unit and Center on Sentencing and Corrections also examined in our Price of Prisons study: the cost of underfunded retirement benefits.”

Read more: http://www.vera.org/blog/corrections-reform-viable-option-budget-savings

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‘Warehouse’ prisons falling short of Kenneth Clarke’s rehabilitation pledge

“Tens of thousands of prisoners in England and Wales are being “warehoused” without any meaningful work being done to challenge their criminal behaviour, according to a joint report by the chief inspectors of prisons and probation.”

Read more: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/jul/19/prisoners-warehoused-without-uk-rehab-1

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