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UK: Jailed hacker allowed into IT class, hacks prison computers

Sounds like someone didn’t do their due diligence…

Read the article here.

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Serving thyme: Prison restaurant ‘The Clink’ opens to the public inside category-B jail

This program teaches inmates work skills and the pictures from the restaurant actually look amazing, but I am curious about two things: (1) how do they control the flow of contraband? and (2) how do they make a profit when visitors have to go through the extra time/effort of going through security, which has to be a detractor?

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NH police investigate breach of prison computers

From the article: “New Hampshire state police are investigating how convicts at the state prison in Concord hacked into a sensitive Department of Corrections system and whether internal files had been corrupted.

The security breach was discovered last week by a corrections staff member working in the prison industries shops, corrections spokesman Jeffrey Lyons said. About two dozen inmates have access to a cluster of computers on a closed network.”

I am very much a proponent of inmate education, particularly computer education that they may not have received prior to incarceration and that is a necessary part of today’s workforce…at the same time, who didn’t see this coming?

Read the article here.

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Korea: Inmates score high in TOEIC test

From the article: “Inmates are getting higher TOEIC scores than most college students. The number of prisoners who received a score of over 900 out of 990 in the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) at the Uijeongbu Correctional Institution doubled from last year.”

Read more here.

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In Pa., prison-policy trend moves toward fewer inmates, more treatment

“For decades, Pennsylvania has taken a strict lock-them-up approach to crime and punishment: Put offenders behind bars for as long as possible, and keep building more prisons to hold them.

The result is a state prison population of 51,757 – up 40 percent in the last dozen years – a corrections budget of $1.86 billion, and 26 penitentiaries that, as of June, were beyond capacity by 4,000 inmates.

But even as construction proceeds on a $315 million state correctional complex at Graterford in Montgomery County, the public-policy pendulum appears to be swinging in a new direction, toward programs that would get nonviolent inmates out of prison and into rehabilitation- and community-based facilities.”

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20120802_In_Pa___prison-policy_trend_moves_toward_fewer_inmates__more_treatment.html

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Educating Utah inmates costs more than other adults, with payoff uncertain

“Providing inmates with educational services is viewed as one way to keep them from returning to prison, but a newly released audit says the Utah State Office of Education is spending more money per student providing academic services to inmates than it does on traditional adult education clients and has little data to show how academic achievement boosts job prospects or reduces recidivism.”

Read more: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/54598322-78/education-inmates-programs-audit.html.csp

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Prison pups: Dog training program changed his life, says inmate

“Eddie Hill has to give away his dog again. He’s absently petting the head of his panting chocolate lab, Meatball, who’s not much older than a puppy. Over the past two months, Hill taught Meatball how to sit, roll over, high five, heel and–Hill’s favorite–how to pretend to get shot and then slowly crash to the floor in a trick called “bang.” The two have spent every moment together, with Meatball even sleeping in Hill’s shared 7 by 10 foot cell with him every night.”

Read more: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/prison-pups-dog-training-program-changed-life-says-114323982.html?_esi=1

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Minn. Law To Give More Inmates Green Thumbs

“Cory Schilling, Minnesota Inmate No. 194695, wasn’t expecting much when he started working on the vegetable garden on the grounds of the Red Wing state prison last spring.”

Read more: http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2012/07/27/minn-law-to-give-more-inmates-green-thumbs/

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