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Bali: New correctional facility for drug convicts underway

I think it’s official: every country in the world has an overcrowded prison system.  Even Bali. 

Here’s what I don’t get, though.  They have 1,800 inmates total and nine prisons.  1,000 of those inmates are in one facility.  How are the rest overcrowded?  That’s only 200 inmates per prison (about the size of one prison block in Ohio).

In any case, the country is building a prison specifically to handle its drug offenders in an effort to reduce its overcrowding.

Good luck, I say, because the main lesson to learn from overcrowding is that if you build it, they will fill it.

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Ohio’s prison population expected to increase

From the article: “A report from the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee on Thursday shows that instead of gradually declining over the next several years, Ohio’s prison population is projected to grow by 3,000 and hit 53,484 by 2019. Currently, 50,419 inmates are incarcerated in the state system.”

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Kansas prison system at capacity, and more growth is expected

From the article: “If the state wants to avoid spending millions of dollars on more prison bed space, said Corrections Secretary Ray Roberts, it has to continue to look at innovative programs and policies that can cut recidivism rates.”

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Wisconsin elderly inmate population growing quickly

From the article: “Longer sentences, tougher laws for OWI’s, and sexual offenses, plus the baby boom, are three big reasons why the elderly inmate population in Wisconsin is swelling out of control. But the D.O.C is involved in efforts right now to fix the problem.”

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Conn. prison population rising as paroles nixed

From the article: “The state’s prison population is rising and state officials say it’s due to fewer paroles following a 2007 home invasion in which a mother and her two daughters were murdered.”

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About 150 Inmates Escape From Indonesian Prison

From the article: “Prison directorate spokesman Akbar Hadi said the inmates forced their way out from Tanjung Gusta Prison in Medan, the capital of North Sumatra province, while others set the prison’s offices on fire.”

Umm…who were the guys who were like, “Well, I could leave…naah, I’ll just set some stuff on fire.”

What might have caused the riot, you ask?

Hadi said about 15 officers were being held captive inside the prison. It holds about 2,400 prisoners but media reports say its normal capacity is 400.

2,400 prisoners in a prison for 400?  That sounds safe.  But wait, there’s more!

The riot appeared to have been triggered by a blackout that knocked out the pumps that supplied water to the prison, leaving inmates without water since Thursday morning, Hadi said in a text message.

Well, I can see what they might have been a mite perturbed by.  I also love that he does his press releases via text message.  Clearly, child labor laws continue to be violated in Indonesia.

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AU: Prisoners up 40% in 10 years

From the article: “The crime rate in Victoria has decreased, but the rates for offences against the person, offences against good order and drug offences have all increased.”

From what I can see, that’s a common theme internationally and across the US.

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UK: Prison experts urge replacement of run down ‘dungeons’ with ‘superjails’

From the article: “Kevin Lockyer, a former senior Ministry of Justice official and ex-prison governor, says “damp Victorian dungeons” should be replaced by 10 to 12 new “hub” jails holding up to 3,000 inmates.”

Look, I’m no fan of dungeons, but my sense is that larger facilities are more difficult to manage from an administrative perspective and that inmate abuses are more likely to happen because of the reduced oversight.

Then again, the article says that the “super jail” would hold 3,000 inmates, which is not actually that many in comparison to American prisons.  We have several facilities in Ohio with more than 2,000, so I suppose it is not that different.  My caution is that the facilities where this works successfully are the lower security facilities – the higher security facilities with more than 2,000 inmates do have serious problems.

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Crackdown filling North Korean prisons with defectors

From the article: “North Korea‘s prison population has swelled with those caught fleeing the country under a crackdown on defections by young leader Kim Jong Un, according to defectors living in South Korea and researchers who study Pyongyang’s notorious network of labor camps and detention centers.”

And what might prison in N. Korea be like, you ask?  Rehabilitative programs and reentry training?

They were blindfolded each day and forced to clear land for agriculture, he said. If they refused, they were beaten.

“I couldn’t even tell whether I was alive,” Park said. “We were provided five pieces of potato a day, each about the size of a fingernail.”

Not so much.

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