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PA: Pa. prisons could outsource mental health services

From the article: “Some Pennsylvania lawmakers are opposing a state Department of Corrections proposal to outsource mental health services at 27 state prisons in the commonwealth. Department spokeswoman Susan McNaughton told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ( ) that as many as 187 positions now filled by department employees could be contracted out to save money and improve services.”

You know, we tried to go private with our healthcare services in Ohio…we went back to state employees.

Just saying.

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PA: Young girls allegedly assaulted in prison

Dear word.  Where were the COs on this one?

From the article: “In a criminal complaint filed against Rebecca Ann Butler, 41, of Danville, the woman allegedly took two girls, 7 and 11 years old, to visit Vancliff at the prison, where he allegedly touched them inappropriately. Court papers indicate the incidents took place from May 2010 to September 2012.”

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PA: Prison Guard Forces Inmate to Perform Sex Acts: Police

From the article: “Freeman was arrested in January and charged with institutional sexual assault after authorities said he forced an inmate at Rockview state prison to perform sex acts in the prison chapel between 2009 and 2012.”

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ACLU of Pa., others sue Pa. Dept. of Corrections over housing of mentally ill inmates

From the article: “The state’s chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has joined the Disability Network of Pennsylvania in a lawsuit challenging what the attorneys call the unconstitutional treatment of prisoners with serious mental illnesses who are held in solitary confinement.”

Like I said in the post immediately below this one, mentally ill inmates who are disruptive are treated as high security risks and locked down.  And what happens when we lock them down?

“Prolonged isolation under these extremely harsh conditions exacerbates the symptoms of the prisoners’ mental illness, which can include refusing to leave their cells, declining medical treatment, sleeplessness, hallucinations, paranoia, covering themselves with feces, head banging, injuring themselves and prison staff, and suicide,” the complaint reads. “Frequently, these symptoms are regarded as prison rule infractions, which prison officials punish with still more time in the RHU.”

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PA: Inmate, Reputed Prison Gang Member to be Charged with Correctional Officer’s Murder

From the article: “Court papers in Arizona link Jessie Con-ui to the “New Mexican Mafia.’ Outside prison, it’s a criminal gang known for trafficking drugs, and terrorizing witnesses. Inside prisons, the New Mexican Mafia a history of intimidating, beating, and sometimes killing other inmates and even correctional officers.”

The accused inmate is facing the death penalty for the stabbing death.

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Officials: Inmate Kills Guard at Prison in NE Pa.

From the article: “An inmate using a homemade weapon assaulted and killed a guard at a federal prison in northeastern Pennsylvania, the first fatal attack on a federal corrections officer in nearly five years, officials said Tuesday.”

According to the article, at least three inmates have been killed at the facility since 2005, when it opened.  The prison is a high security facility.

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PA: Corrections to Save $23 Million by Replacing Two Older Prisons

This is great news out of PA.  The system is shutting down two older facilities and opening a new facility.  They also state that the sentencing reform legislation is having a positive effect, resulting in a 500 reduction thus far.

Can’t say we’re doing so well in Ohio.  We’ve gone down by at least 500 inmates as a result of our sentencing reform legislation (HB 86), but that’s nowhere near what was expected.  Nor do we have the finances to construct new prisons.

Read the article here.

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PA: Suspended prison guard charged with sexually assaulting inmate for three years

This is disturbing.  From the article: “State police at Rockview said Marlin E. Freeman, 54, forced the inmate to perform sexual acts in the prison chapel between September 2009 and April.  Freeman, of Ramey, Clearfield County, allegedly threatened that the inmate would lose his janitorial job in the prison’s medical facility or would face solitary confinement if he did not comply, police wrote in charging documents filed Tuesday.”

It gets worse:

Freeman previously worked on the cell block where the inmate stayed, the incarcerated man told police. The inmate said Freeman would stalk his cell, standing outside and looking in the window.

After moving to the chapel, Freeman would summon the inmate in the late evening, when no one else was in the area, under the pretext of returning religious tapes for inventory, the inmate alleges.

The inmate states that he tried to tell people about the assaults, but no one listened.  Read more here.
Makes you glad the PREA regulations have come out and that facilities will be audited.
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Inmate Homicides

In Mississippi, an inmate who was involved in the deadly Mississippi riot in May at a CCA owned prison may change his plea to guilty.  He is alleged to have assisted inmates with gaining access to the roof of the facility, where they beat an officer to death. Inmate to plead guilty in deadly Miss. prison riot

In Maryland, 32 year old Eubanks, in prison on a rape charge, asphyxiated 53 year old Abdullah, also in on a rape charge.  Guilty plea for Md. inmate in fellow prisoner’s murder.
In Pennsylvania, an inmate died after a fight at a federal prison.  Inmate death after NE Pa. prison fight probed.
In Minnesota, one woman attempted to murder another female inmate by choking her with a rope.  The cause?  She said she was “tired of nitpicking.”  Woman in Waseca federal prison admits choking fellow inmate with rope.

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