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OR: Convicted Ore. murderer killed in prison

From the article: “The Department of Corrections says 45-year-olod Joseph Akins was found in his cell Saturday morning. The Oregon State Police Criminal Investigation Division is investigating the matter in cooperation with local prosecutors.”

This, to me, is similar to the recent suicide that we had in Ohio’s Death Row.  Pretty sure that the idea is that the state is supposed to put him to death, not another inmate or by his own hand…

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OR: Department of Corrections addresses negative audit

From the article: “The agency that manages Oregon’s inmate worker program has requested an audit of itself from the Secretary of State’s office in response to an unflattering internal report released last week that found several conflicts of interest in agency contracts.”

According to the rest of the article, there’s been a DOJ investigation into the former head of Oregon Correctional Enterprises.  The former head of OCE has accused the department of corrections of using OCE as a “slush fund,” as well as forcing OCE to hire and give raises to the son of a department deputy director.

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Oregon prison inmate dies from injuries suffered in assault involving cellmate

From the article: “An inmate who threatened a fellow prisoner at a Portland jail last year is the suspect in a fatal assault at an Eastern Oregon prison.”

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Oregon Correctional Officer Sues Inmate

I don’t know that I’ve heard of this before.  The Oregon correctional officers’ union has hired lawyers to sue inmates who assault them for emotional distress damages.  It’s counter to the common notion that inmates who assault guards are given “prison justice,” locked up in the hole, denied food, etc – in this case, the guards are asking the court system to render the justice.  Is this good?  Is it bad?  You tell me.

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Oregon prison puzzle: Cut costs but keep public safe

From the article: “State forecasters say a growing population and tougher sentencing measures will add 2,300 people to Oregon’s inmate count in the next decade. Changing that, the data suggest, will require backing off on sentences, sparing more people from prison, and spending more to keep offenders from committing new crimes.”  Read more here.

Well, Oregonians, sounds like you’re gearing up to follow CA and OH’s lead to pass legislation to keep nonviolent felons out of prison, just be prepared for the judicial backlash.

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States Report Reductions in Recidivism

Report from the Council of State Governments that highlights Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, and Oregon for their reductions in recidivism rates.  Ohio has one of the most notable, with an 11 point drop.  Given Ohio’s sentencing reform in 2011 (HB 86), recidivism is expected to drop even lower, as inmates are funneled toward evidence-based programming based on their risk level and criminogenic needs.

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New technology helps Oregon inmates stay connected

From the article: “Starting this week, the state’s 14,200 inmates can buy MP3 players to receive text messages and photos, and to buy and store music. Another system will enable them to “video visit” families who are often hundreds of miles away.”

According to the article, the state hopes that the increased connection with families will positively impact recidivism and ultimately save the state money on incarceration costs.

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