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OH: TOCI inmate dies after beating in prison yard

A third inmate dies at the Toledo facility in a year.  He was beaten by metal baseball bats by two other inmates on the recreation yard.

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OH: Heat spurs reduction in power cuts in prisons

From the article: “State officials yesterday scaled back the number of prisons where electricity use will be curtailed under a power-supply agreement.  Only prisons in Marion, Cleveland and Youngstown dialed down electricity use yesterday as the heat index approached 100 degrees. On Monday and Tuesday, electricity was restricted in 24 prisons as a result of a contract that has generated $1.3 million for the state over three years.”

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Audits: Prison vendor charged for unserved meals

From the article: “A private vendor in line to begin feeding roughly 100,000 prison inmates in Ohio and Michigan has a track record of billing for food it doesn’t serve, using substandard ingredients and riling prisoners with its meal offerings, past audits in several states show.”

So that makes me feel optimistic about how it’s going to go in Ohio…

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Force used more against black inmates in Ohio prisons, report shows

From the article: “The Correctional Institution Inspection Committee released the report yesterday showing that 64.6 percent of “use of force” incidents in 2012 involved blacks, who make up 45.7 percent of the total prison population. Blacks make up 12.5 percent of Ohio’s overall population.”

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Ohio prison works to reduce inmate assaults

From the article: “Inmate-on-inmate assaults nearly doubled in two years at a north-central Ohio prison, higher than the statewide average, according to a new report that also notes an increase in disturbances and low morale among guards.”

The union says that the report paints too rosy a picture of the facility and that it’s still a dangerous place to work.

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GA: Department of Juvenile Justice investigates sexual misconduct caseload

From the article: “At a meeting of the state board at the Macon Youth Development Center, officials said they have called in the GBI and the state’s Department of Corrections to help close at least 20 investigations of either sexual abuse or sexual harassment involving incarcerated youths, said Jim Shuler, the department’s communications director.”

The department has anonymous tip boxes established on housing units, as well as an anonymous tip line.  Read more here.

In Ohio, Governor Kasich formed a task force following the release of the BJS report.  The task force came up with the following recommendations for immediate action:

·         Continue the Climate Assessor initiative at each DYS facility

·         Develop effective communication methods among facility youth and staff, Central Office staff and Task Force members

·         Implement random security checks to serve as a deterrent for misconduct

·         Establish a monitoring system for supervisors who view live cameras to enhance safety and security for youth and staff

·         Develop an integrated reporting protocol to improve mandatory reporting and coordination of investigations between DYS and other state agencies

·         Enhance reporting mechanisms for both youth and staff

·         Review 2012 Activity Management System (AMS) reports to ensure that information is accurately entered

·         Develop a plan to conduct cultural assessments at all DYS facilities

·         Work with Bureau of Justice Statistics to receive a detailed summary of Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) survey information pertaining to DYS facilities

·         Review, analyze and summarize historical information and reports to better understand the context of data collected by the Bureau of Justice Statistics

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OH: Inmate died of heroin overdose

The inmate died of a heroin overdose while he was incarcerated in the Hamilton County (Cincinnati) Justice Center.

Staff response:

“Do we know how Mr. Barton got his drugs? Nope. That’s what we’re working on,” said Jim Knapp, spokesman for the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. “But it is a jail and we have criminals here.”

Excellent investigative finding.

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OH: Toledo inmate indicted in prison attack, murder

From the article: “Dustin Lynch, 26, was indicted on two counts of aggravated murder in the March 17 death of Arturo Lopez, 43. Lynch also was indicted on one count of felonious assault for a March 10 attack on inmate Christopher Trent, 40. The attacks were part of a rising wave of violence at the prison since 2011 when the population increased and inmates were doubled up in single cells.”

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OH: Sex-assault report leads state to check youth prisons

More on the reaction of Ohio to the Bureau of Justice Statistics report that found that Ohio was one of top four states in the nation for sexual victimization in its juvenile prisons.  Read the article here.

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