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Vera Institute’s Sentencing & Corrections Headlines

AR – Lawmakers to Take Up Parole System

AZ – Ruling Says Arizona DNA Law Doesn’t Require Payments

CA – California Prisons’ Photo Ban Leaves Legacy of Blurred Identities

CA – Jails Look to Affordable Care Act to Insure Inmates

CA – To Cut STD Rate, California Considers Condoms in Prison

CO – Prisons Chief Tom Clements Remembered: “The First Time I Had Hope”

CT – Taxpayers’ Costs Top $3.5 Million for Death Row Inmate’s Lawsuit

LA – Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Signs Law to Shift Drug Offenders From Jail to Rehab

LA – New Orleans Police Department Consent Decree Monitor Chosen: Sheppard Mullin Gets Contract

MD – City Jail Grievance System Broken, Inmates, Advocates Say

MO – Missouri Executions: State May Return to Gas Chamber

NV – Nevada Study Will Ask Question: Is Execution More Expensive Than Prison?

NY – New York’s Wrongful Conviction Bills Stall

OR – House OKs Sex-Offender Registry Plan

PA – Bill Gives Corrections Officers Rights in Disciplinary Actions

VA – Advocates Worry About Details of Virginia’s New Program to Restore Voting Rights to Felons

US – Crime Makes Halting Comeback as a Political Issue

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NY: Prison Lockdown Foils Escape Plan

From the article: “Corrections officers Saturday say that the lockdown at the Elmira Correctional Facility was to stop to a detailed escape plot.  It was locked down after officers discovered an inmate had several weapons.”

The agency’s statement:

What is clear is that multiple inmates were planning some sort of disruption inside the facility with the ultimate goal of escaping, and the probability that many correction officers lives were in danger.

Read more here.

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NY: Sex abuse stats skewed by law

I had been seriously wondering about why NY had looked so good in the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ recent report on sexual victimization in juvenile facilities.  And now, the truth comes out.

From the article: “It’s a meaningless statistic because state officials, citing privacy, hindered federal officials trying to survey youths raped in prisons here.”

Shame on you, NY. 

Read more here.

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World’s toughest prisons: The five jails with histories of murder, disease and torture

This is a great article, but dear Lord is it depressing.  The prisons include Rikers Island, Bang Kwang (Thailand), La Sante (France), Diyarbakir Prison (Turkey), and Carandiru Prison (Brazil).  In one of the prisons featured, 122 inmates committed suicide in one year due to conditions.  At another, inmates set themselves on fire to avoid the torture of the guards.

Read the article here.

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Feds: Ex-deputy pepper-sprayed helpless NY inmate

People, seriously, you can’t mace a handcuffed inmate.  Seriously.

Read the article here.

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NY: Inmate Raul Pinet’s family: He was treated like an animal

From the article: “In the video shot in a small timeout room at the jail, Pinet Jr. yells “Please!” at least 40 times over two minutes. He asks five times for deputies to remove a spit mask they’d placed over his face to block his spitting. The mask had become displaced and was inhibiting his ability to breathe, according to the state Commission of Correction.”

Read more here.

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NY: Mother Accused of Sneaking Drugs to Inmate Son With Kiss

Move over, June Cleaver.  This is how a real mother shows she cares.

Read the article here.

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NY: Female Prison Guard Charged For Having Sex With Cop Killer Inmate

The woman had relations with an inmate at the prison and is now pregnant with that man’s child.  Keeping it classy in NY.

She reportedly said the following:

I just basically got wrapped up in something that I should not have got wrapped up…getting myself up with someone that is so high profile that when he farts it makes the news.

What was he “high profile” for, you ask?  Killing two cops.

Read the article here.

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Prison Population Can Shrink When Police Crowd Streets

This is more about the streets than prisons, but still interesting.  Not exactly a new concept, though – increase presence of police, decrease crime.  I guess the key concept here is “hot spot policing” – figuring out the places that are responsible for the most criminal activity and focusing your resources on those areas.  Doesn’t sound that revolutionary, but I guess it is!

To me, it also sounds like “swift and certain sanctions” theory – if you regularly police the criminal activity, then criminal actors will also be more likely receive a sanction after committing the act.  So long as they think that they will not be caught, there will always be a perceived likely benefit to committing the act.

Read the article here.

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