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N.J. inmate’s yearlong hunger strike has authorities concerned about his health

According to the article, the inmate is upset about “an unfair punishment over a drug test.”  He has reportedly refused all solid foods in the past year and has dropped over 100 pounds.  His primary demand is a logbook that he feels will prove his innocence.  Prison officials refuse to respond to his demand, fearing that giving in will encourage other inmates to also go on hunger strike.

The prison system has a valid argument.  In Ohio, inmates go on hunger strike all the time at the supermax prison, as past history has shown that the pressure on prison staff can and will result in concessions for inmate privileges.  You almost can’t even blame the inmates – hey, if it works!

On the other hand, isn’t this a bit much?  He was apparently sanctioned with four months in administrative segregation – yet due to his hunger strike, he’s spent the entire past year in seg.  Does the charge negatively affect early release and maybe that’s why?  I can understand the fight for justice, but it seems like an awful lot to go through…

Read the article here.

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State auditor finds financial discrepancies in inmate accounts at N.J. juvenile facilities

“State authorities are investigating what happened to more than $16,000 withdrawn from a bank account belonging to juvenile inmates in Ocean County, as well as the possibility that 11 cash advances were authorized with forged signatures, the state Auditor’s Office said in a report issued today.”

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Juveniles entitled to hearing before being moved to state prison, N.J. court panel rules

“Unruly juveniles housed at any of the state’s facilities for young offenders are entitled to a hearing before they’re transferred to a state prison, a state appeals court panel ruled today.”

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N.J. to delete names of former inmates from state website

“The New Jersey Corrections Department is removing the names of some former inmates from its website.

The site will no longer include information about convicted criminals who have been out of prison for at least a year.”

Read more: http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/local/item/42411

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NJ Lawmakers Examine Oversight of Halfway Houses

“The commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Corrections defended the state’s system of halfway houses that has come under fire recently for reported rampant violence, drug use and escapes.”

Read more: http://www.wnyc.org/articles/new-jersey-news/2012/jul/19/nj-legislature-looks-halfway-houses/

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