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MT: Execution-method changes called unconstitutional

From the article: ” Montana prison officials revised lethal-injection procedures after a judge ruled the previous methods were unconstitutional, but a civil rights organization and attorneys for a death row inmate said the changes still put condemned prisoners at risk of unnecessary suffering.”

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MT: Inmate convicted of killing fellow prisoner over earphone theft

Just when you thought the value of human life could not go lower in prison, this is, I believe, a new low.

The article includes an interesting description of an expert witness’ testimony about prison culture:

Another expert witness, James Aiken, whose extensive background in corrections spans more than 40 years, testified on the culture and conditions of prison life.

Both inmates and officers are constantly assessing their level of safety in prison, Aiken said. Especially for Morrison, who had recently transferred to Close Unit I from the more restrictive maximum security custody, the new freedoms and inmates probably heightened his anxiety.

In addition, inmates treasure their possessions as their only link to an environment that’s halfway civil, Aiken said. A theft is interpreted as disrespect, and prisoners think they need to handle their own business without snitching to the guards.

“Once you become weak, you become vulnerable,” he said. “You’re like a wounded deer in the forest. And the wolves will surround you.”

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Montana judge strikes down state execution method

According to the Chicago Tribune article, a district court judge ruled that the three-drug program adopted by the Montana DOC differed from the two-drug protocol in law, it allows a prison warden without medical training to determine whether the inmate was unconscious prior to administering the fatal dose, and the prison official setting up the execution process was not required to have experience with the intravenous procedure.

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ACLU: Execution method for Canadian cruel, unusual

“The American Civil Liberties Union argued in court Wednesday that the method the state plans to use in the execution of a Canadian on death row is unconstitutional.

The ACLU is asking District Court Judge Jeffrey Sherlock to rule that the lethal injection protocol amounts to cruel and unusual punishment under the U.S. and Montana constitutions. The ACLU originally filed the lawsuit in 2008 on behalf of Ronald Allen Smith, originally from Red Deer, Alberta.”

Read more: http://www.correctionsone.com/capital-punishment/articles/5897765-ACLU-Execution-method-for-Canadian-cruel-unusual/

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Night Moves: Third Shift Workers Unseen

“They arrive to a city of almost 1,500 sleeping souls. The sun has left the sky and a quiet stillness has settled over the 63-acre compound. Buildings, fences and sidewalks are bathed in the orange-yellow glow from hundreds of high pressure sodium lights.”

Read more: http://www.corrections.com/news/article/31227-night-moves-third-shift-workers-unseen

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