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MN: State pays $400,000 to settle inmate lawsuit

From the article: “Corrections records indicate that Scullark-Johnson was left on the floor of his cell overnight. A senior nurse, who was suspended for five days for violating nursing protocol for dealing with seizures, examined him before ending her shift. An ambulance was ordered when he continued to have seizures the next morning, but a nurse who had just come on duty turned it away. The ambulance returned when he had another seizure, but it was too late.”

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MN: Former Hennepin County inmate says jail was negligent

From the article: “Last March, police brought Michael Schuler to the psychiatric unit of Hennepin County Medical Center where he was kept in restraints. After he was discharged, he was booked into jail because he missed a court date while hospitalized.”

While in the jail, he began to self-mutilate, including stabbing himself in the eyes with a pencil.  Maybe the fact that he came straight from a psychiatric unit should have been a tip-off that he should not have been allowed sharp objects…

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Inmate Homicides

In Mississippi, an inmate who was involved in the deadly Mississippi riot in May at a CCA owned prison may change his plea to guilty.  He is alleged to have assisted inmates with gaining access to the roof of the facility, where they beat an officer to death. Inmate to plead guilty in deadly Miss. prison riot

In Maryland, 32 year old Eubanks, in prison on a rape charge, asphyxiated 53 year old Abdullah, also in on a rape charge.  Guilty plea for Md. inmate in fellow prisoner’s murder.
In Pennsylvania, an inmate died after a fight at a federal prison.  Inmate death after NE Pa. prison fight probed.
In Minnesota, one woman attempted to murder another female inmate by choking her with a rope.  The cause?  She said she was “tired of nitpicking.”  Woman in Waseca federal prison admits choking fellow inmate with rope.

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Minn. Law To Give More Inmates Green Thumbs

“Cory Schilling, Minnesota Inmate No. 194695, wasn’t expecting much when he started working on the vegetable garden on the grounds of the Red Wing state prison last spring.”

Read more: http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2012/07/27/minn-law-to-give-more-inmates-green-thumbs/

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Could Minnesota safely cut prison sentences and save money?

“As their budgetary struggles continue, state governments could save millions by reducing criminal sentences for nonviolent offenders without risking higher crime rates.”

Read more: http://www.minnpost.com/politics-policy/2012/07/could-minnesota-safely-cut-prison-sentences-and-save-money

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