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Man uses spoon to break out of Russian maximum-security prison

Well, you don’t see this every day.

From the article: “Topalov, who was sentenced for double murder and arms trafficking, used the spoon to create a hole in the cell’s roof, opened a ventilation shaft and then climbed to the prison’s roof, finally escaping over the building’s perimeter fence.”

To what do we owe this escape?

Russian investigators have blamed Topalov’s escape on the prison staff, whom they say engaged in a “dishonest or careless attitude to their work that was made use of by the prisoner Topalov.”


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OH: State’s high-security prisons becoming more dangerous

From the article: “For the first 12 years of its existence, Toledo Correctional Institution was free of homicides. Then, in early 2012, the state implemented a program designed to make Ohio prisons safer. Since then, there have been two inmate-on-inmate murders and twice as many physical or sexual assaults.”

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CO: Suspect in Colorado prison chief killing spent bulk of sentence in solitary

I am in no way saying that prison caused this man to act out in murder, as the disciplinary and sentencing records indicate that he was a violent, disturbed person.  But it does make you wonder what programs or other reentry-related therapy was conducted to prepare him for release.  Could anything have changed the course of his behavior?  I do not know, but I do know it’s not going to be found in solitary.

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IA: Dept. of Corrections, union at odds over prison security breach

From the article: “In a release issued Thursday, Scaletta said the “restricted movement” status was necessary because a “line staff member” brought contraband into the unit. “Dedicated and professional correctional staff, at all levels, have been shaking down the prison to account for the inappropriate items that have been brought into the prison,” Scaletta said in a written statement Thursday. “An investigation into this matter is currently being conducted. The employee is on administrative leave.'”

Unfortunately, it does not say what the “inappropriate items” actually were.

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IL: Ex-wardens: Mixing inmate groups a safety risk

Moving high security, disruptive inmates to segregation units in medium security prisons?  Say what now?  Illinois, you have some issues.

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IN: John Walker Lindh Wins Prison Prayer Lawsuit

This is interesting – most prison RLUIPA case judgments are weighted heavily on the side of prison officials and it’s pretty easy to see how allowing daily group prayer for inmates at this high security prison could present a concern.  However, the judge found that the restriction on daily prayer was unconstitutional, barring specific evidence that it would in fact present a security concern.

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CA: Hundreds of California Prisoners Could be Transferred From Isolation Units Subject of Strike

From the article: “Hundreds of California prisoners locked in stark segregation units could be transferred to regular prison cells under new policies being developed by state corrections officials.  The transfers could include inmates who have been held for decades at Pelican Bay State Prison’s windowless Security Housing Unit, which was the center of two recent hunger strikes that drew participation from thousands of inmates.”

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CA: Inmate shot and killed at High Desert State Prison

Another inmate was shot at the High Desert Prison in CA, this one fatally.  Very similar to the incident a few days ago, in which there were also two inmates violently (and potentially fatally) attacking a third inmate by kicking him in the head.  Read more here.

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NE: State clamping down on high-security inmates

Nebraska’s maximum security prisons went on “modified lockdown” following a series of fights.  Similar to other states (or at least Ohio), there has been a rise in prison violence in recent years, with inmate fights no longer one-on-one, but involving whole groups ganging up on a single inmate.  Read more here.

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