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Children at Iraq prison ‘future time bomb’: NGO

From the article: “Some 21 children living with their mothers in a Baghdad women’s prison represent a potential “time bomb,” an Iraqi rights group warned on Sunday in a report that also noted claims of rape and torture.”

Allowing children to live with their mothers in prison appears to be relatively common internationally (in developing countries).  On the one hand, prison is no place for a childhood; on the other, many of the countries do not have sufficient social services to provide care for the children, who may be better off with their mothers.

The NGO interviewed the women in the facility and reported that the women suffered from interrogation techniques such as the use of punching, electricity, and rape during investigation.

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Children at Iraq prison ‘future time bomb’: NGO

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Al Qaeda suspects escape Iraq prison in deadly break

According to the article, 81 inmates escaped in this prison break.  They even had enough time to burn all the prison records, so that the authorities are not even sure who they’re looking for.

“Everything is under control,” says one local official.  Really?  Ten guards and two inmates are dead, another 32 were wounded, and 45 of the original 81 escaped inmates are still on the run.

“This is a regrettable security breach,” says another.

I salute you, Captain Understatement.

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