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California prison hunger strike called off

From the article: “Inmates in several prisons were demanding an end to long-term solitary confinement and a halt to what is known as the “debriefing” policy, in which inmates are required to provide information on prison gangs to get out of solitary.”

Not sure how to feel about this.  On the one hand, I don’t support hunger strikes and I definitely don’t want inmates to endanger their lives.  I also think that giving in to the hunger striker demands (as we have done in Ohio) encourages people to hunger strike and perpetuates the problem.

On the other hand, kind of feel bad for the inmates that they fought the system…and lost.

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Calif. inmate hunger strike heads into 7th week

From the article: “Lawyers and advocates said that the roughly 70 inmates who have refused prison meals since July 8 want to start taking a liquid diet that includes fruit and vegetable juices, just as they said hunger-striking terrorism suspects being held at Guantanamo Bay are allowed to do. But California corrections officials define fruit and vegetable juices as food, and thus would reclassify inmates as not being on a hunger strike if they started drinking them.”

Interesting.  I think I would have to say that my first inclination is to side with California, at least regarding the calories.  How about you?

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Calif. Prison Hunger-Strikers Being Blasted With Cold Air, Lawyers Say

From the article: “About 1,450 California prisoners participating in a mass hunger strike continued to refuse meals on Thursday, with some inmates alleging that prison officials are trying to break the campaign by blasting cells with cold air, according to lawyers and relatives.”

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CA: Inmate hunger strike wanes, but thousands continue refusing meals

From the article: “The number of inmates refusing meals as part of a statewide hunger strike has continued to drop, falling to 2,572 on Monday.”

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Calif. prison chief: Inmate hunger strike will harm cause

From the article: “The strike is the largest of three hunger strikes protesting conditions in California prisons in the last two years. After the earlier, smaller strikes, the department began its program giving gang members a way out of the isolation units. About half of the nearly 400 inmates considered so far have been or will be let out of solitary confinement, while another 115 are in a program in which they can work their way out of the units.”

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I hate to be a little cynical here, but since the only benefits of the hunger strike are accruing to the state’s most powerful gang leaders, makes me wonder how many of the hunger strikers are under strict orders to refuse food.  Then again, that doesn’t mean that the goal isn’t worthy.

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CA: Prison hunger strikes begin at High Desert

From the article: “Thornton would not provide a copy of the prisoners’ list of demands, but said they include ‘larger food portions, more cleaning supplies, more access to the law library, the ability to purchase more soup, soap, coffee, snacks and food items from the canteen; and more TV channels. They also have concerns about the laundry and want the canteen to stock a wider selection of headphones and ear buds.'”

Inmates in other prisons have also threatened to hunger strike.  A particular complaint is the use of indefinite administrative segregation for gang members.

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Guantánamo prison to synchronize force-feedings to Ramadan fast

From the article: “The U.S. prison at Guantánamo has sufficient military medical staff to synchronize forced-feedings to the Ramadan fast and will only feed hunger strikers after sunset and before dawn, a prison spokesman said Tuesday.”

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N.J. inmate’s yearlong hunger strike has authorities concerned about his health

According to the article, the inmate is upset about “an unfair punishment over a drug test.”  He has reportedly refused all solid foods in the past year and has dropped over 100 pounds.  His primary demand is a logbook that he feels will prove his innocence.  Prison officials refuse to respond to his demand, fearing that giving in will encourage other inmates to also go on hunger strike.

The prison system has a valid argument.  In Ohio, inmates go on hunger strike all the time at the supermax prison, as past history has shown that the pressure on prison staff can and will result in concessions for inmate privileges.  You almost can’t even blame the inmates – hey, if it works!

On the other hand, isn’t this a bit much?  He was apparently sanctioned with four months in administrative segregation – yet due to his hunger strike, he’s spent the entire past year in seg.  Does the charge negatively affect early release and maybe that’s why?  I can understand the fight for justice, but it seems like an awful lot to go through…

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Hunger strike entering second week at NC prison

“Administrators at a North Carolina prison are monitoring a hunger strike by a few inmates demanding better medical care and living conditions.”

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