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UK: Lewes Prison hooch problem prompts fresh fruit clampdown

From the article: “Fruit portions were reduced and other products that could be used – including five-litre cleaning containers used to make the hooch – were either removed or moved away from inmates.”

We have done the same thing in Ohio.  We were recently under a consent decree relating to the medical care of inmates that required fresh fruit to be served with meals.  However, staff have said that some fruit is easier to make hooch from than others (oranges, for example, are easy; bananas, less so).  Some institutions cut up the fruit so it is more difficult to carry away from the chow hall; others have ramped up searches of inmates when they leave the chow hall.  Some institutions have also taken a close look at the containers used to make the hooch and tried to more closely regulate those.  Across the system, institutions have also moved from selling sugar to providing only sugar substitute.  It’s pretty much an ongoing battle, though.

Read more about the UK jail here.

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Ariz. inmates hospitalized for suspected botulism

And another case of botulism from prison hooch (the last one from Utah)…

Read more here.

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UT: Botulism Outbreak Tied To Contaminated Prison Hooch

Trying to rid a prison of hooch is an ongoing battle for prison staff.  Inmates steal food from the kitchen or buy the ingredients from the commissary and they hide the fermenting liquid in laundry rooms, in mattresses, in lockerboxes, even in the rafters.  As many inmates enter prison with a concurrent substance abuse problem, completely stopping the hooch problem is probably a fantasy.  At the same time, it has an effect on prison management as drunken inmates may be more likely to start fights or disobey prison rules, and it also can have health effects – in this article, botulism.

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