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Texas prison guards to join inmate lawsuit over sweltering jails

“The union that represents Texas’ correctional officers has reportedly announced its support of lawsuits filed over the deaths of at least 14 inmates in sweltering state prisons, claiming the institutions should be cooled to relieve unbearable conditions.”

It’s not about inmates living in AC splendor.  Heat can be lethal to some inmates, particularly the elderly and those on psychotropic medications.

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OH: Heat spurs reduction in power cuts in prisons

From the article: “State officials yesterday scaled back the number of prisons where electricity use will be curtailed under a power-supply agreement.  Only prisons in Marion, Cleveland and Youngstown dialed down electricity use yesterday as the heat index approached 100 degrees. On Monday and Tuesday, electricity was restricted in 24 prisons as a result of a contract that has generated $1.3 million for the state over three years.”

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Idaho prison officials seek relief for overheated inmates

From the article: “As the temperature reached 100 degrees for the fifth straight day Tuesday, inmates in one wing of the Idaho State Correctional Institution have found conditions almost intolerable as a lone swamp cooler has proved ineffective.”

One commenter noted, “Committing felonies and getting incarcerated sucks.  As it should.”

To you, sensitive soul that you are, I say this: overheated conditions are extremely dangerous for inmates who are on psychotropic medications, which many are, given the increased likelihood of mental illness, and that heat has caused the death of inmates.  It’s not just about inmates feeling a little uncomfortable; it’s about providing constitutional levels of adequate care.

As we should.

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Record Oklahoma summer heating up prisons as well

“Record-setting heat is taking a toll on those who work and live in prisons without air conditioning.

Correctional officers say elevated temperatures can leave prisoners with shorter fuses.

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