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GA: Department of Juvenile Justice investigates sexual misconduct caseload

From the article: “At a meeting of the state board at the Macon Youth Development Center, officials said they have called in the GBI and the state’s Department of Corrections to help close at least 20 investigations of either sexual abuse or sexual harassment involving incarcerated youths, said Jim Shuler, the department’s communications director.”

The department has anonymous tip boxes established on housing units, as well as an anonymous tip line.  Read more here.

In Ohio, Governor Kasich formed a task force following the release of the BJS report.  The task force came up with the following recommendations for immediate action:

·         Continue the Climate Assessor initiative at each DYS facility

·         Develop effective communication methods among facility youth and staff, Central Office staff and Task Force members

·         Implement random security checks to serve as a deterrent for misconduct

·         Establish a monitoring system for supervisors who view live cameras to enhance safety and security for youth and staff

·         Develop an integrated reporting protocol to improve mandatory reporting and coordination of investigations between DYS and other state agencies

·         Enhance reporting mechanisms for both youth and staff

·         Review 2012 Activity Management System (AMS) reports to ensure that information is accurately entered

·         Develop a plan to conduct cultural assessments at all DYS facilities

·         Work with Bureau of Justice Statistics to receive a detailed summary of Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) survey information pertaining to DYS facilities

·         Review, analyze and summarize historical information and reports to better understand the context of data collected by the Bureau of Justice Statistics

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GA: 20 DJJ investigators suspended after sex survey

From the article: “The Department of Juvenile Justice suspended with pay 19 investigators and the former head of DJJ’s office of investigations after it was discovered that little if anything had been done with 20 open cases into allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct between juveniles and staff.”

Georgia’s taking the BJS report seriously.

Read more here.

[Note: Edited on 6/17/13 (see below comments)]

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Former Wilcox County, Georgia, Sheriff and Others Sentenced for Assaulting Inmate

From the press release: “Stacy Bloodsworth pleaded guilty on Oct. 22, 2012.   During his plea hearing, Stacy Bloodsworth admitted that on July 23, 2009, while he was the sheriff, he was inside the Wilcox County Jail with several other individuals, including Austin Bloodsworth, Caruthers, King and Owens.   Stacy Bloodsworth ordered three inmates out of their cells because he was angry that one of them reportedly had a cell phone, in violation of Wilcox County Jail regulations.   Bloodsworth hit all three inmates, and also watched as other participants struck and kicked the inmates.    After it appeared that one inmate’s jaw had been broken, Stacy Bloodsworth used a wrench in an attempt to put his broken jaw back into place.   Approximately one week later, the inmate was brought to a local hospital, where his jaw had to be wired shut.   The other two inmates who had been assaulted suffered lacerations, bruising and pain.”

Read more here.

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GA: Inmate accused of planning violent crimes in prison

From the article: “Channel 2 Action News has discovered a Georgia prison inmate serving six life sentences for planning violent robberies from inside prison could be back at it again.”

And this, kids, is why cellphones in prisons are dangerous.

What does the department have to say?

“The Department aggressively works to prevent contraband from entering our facilities. The Department actively conducts searches inmate cells and prison property through the use of Tactical Squads. All facilities are equipped with CellSense devices which aides in the detection of illegal cell phones.”

Hmmm….how’s that been working out for you?

Read the article here.

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GA: Eight Current or Former Macon State Prison Officers Charged in Conspiracy to Assault Inmates

From the DOJ Civil Rights Division press release: “Deputy Warden James Hinton and seven former members of the Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) at Macon State Prison in Oglethorpe, Ga., were charged with federal civil rights, conspiracy or obstruction offenses arising out of incidents in which inmates were allegedly assaulted by officers in order to punish the inmates for prior misconduct.   The indictment alleges that former CERT members Christopher Hall, Ronald Lach Jr., Delton Rushin, Kerry Bolden, Derrick Wimbush, Kadarius Thomas and Tyler Griffin, conspired to assault inmates, and that the seven former CERT members conspired with Deputy Warden Hinton and others to cover up their misconduct by writing false reports and providing misleading information to investigators.”

I feel like this is probably such a common occurrence in American corrections that, not to take away from the DOJ, but this is a drop in the bucket.  Still, I guess these guys won’t be doing it anymore, and hopefully it serves as a warning to other staff considering the same in GA…

Read a news article with better details than the press release here.

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GA: Temporary repairs made to faulty Ga. prison locks

Holy smokes.  At this prison, three inmates were killed within a six week period.  Officials have reportedly confiscated over 200 shanks and 140 cellphones since January.  Now they’re making “temporary repairs” to fix “hundreds of broken locks.”  Is it just me, or isn’t prison a place where you’re supposed to be able to lock people up?  And how about some permanent repairs?

…at least no one has to worry that the inmates won’t be able to call for help if a riot happens.

Read the article here.

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GA: Hays State Prison inmate feared for his life

From the article: “The 19-year-old inmate from Atlanta only made it past the prison walls in Trion, Ga., and the three-hour drive to the Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson, Ga., on Feb. 5 before he was killed. Sources say he was stabbed to death in the transfer yard after stepping off the bus with other Hays inmates who jumped him.”

Read more here.

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GA: Cobb County deputy accused of assaulting inmate

From the article: “A Cobb County sheriff’s deputy has been accused of sexually assaulting a female inmate without her consent, according to his arrest warrant.”

Read more here.

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GA: Third inmate dies at Hays State Prison

There have been three deaths in a month at a GA prison.  The first inmate was found dead (no additional details).  A second died from injuries sustained from an altercation with another inmate.  A third inmate also died after injuries sustained from an altercation.  The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating.  The only information is that the deaths aren’t tied together.

Huh.  Okay.

Read more here.

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GA: Inmates extort money from outside prison

Great article about the very real threat of extortion of inmates’ families by other inmates in the facility, using cellphones to send threatening messages and images and to demand money.

From the article: “First there was a picture sent to Jimenna Whitner’s cell phone of her brother, who was bloody and beaten. Next, she got a text message from somewhere inside Baldwin State Prison 950 miles from her home in Michigan, demanding $1,000. Otherwise her inmate brother, Thomas Maher, would be killed.”

Read more here.

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