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Calif. inmate hunger strike heads into 7th week

From the article: “Lawyers and advocates said that the roughly 70 inmates who have refused prison meals since July 8 want to start taking a liquid diet that includes fruit and vegetable juices, just as they said hunger-striking terrorism suspects being held at Guantanamo Bay are allowed to do. But California corrections officials define fruit and vegetable juices as food, and thus would reclassify inmates as not being on a hunger strike if they started drinking them.”

Interesting.  I think I would have to say that my first inclination is to side with California, at least regarding the calories.  How about you?

Read more of the article here.

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Calif. prison chief: Inmate hunger strike will harm cause

From the article: “The strike is the largest of three hunger strikes protesting conditions in California prisons in the last two years. After the earlier, smaller strikes, the department began its program giving gang members a way out of the isolation units. About half of the nearly 400 inmates considered so far have been or will be let out of solitary confinement, while another 115 are in a program in which they can work their way out of the units.”

Read more here.

I hate to be a little cynical here, but since the only benefits of the hunger strike are accruing to the state’s most powerful gang leaders, makes me wonder how many of the hunger strikers are under strict orders to refuse food.  Then again, that doesn’t mean that the goal isn’t worthy.

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CA: Prison hunger strikes begin at High Desert

From the article: “Thornton would not provide a copy of the prisoners’ list of demands, but said they include ‘larger food portions, more cleaning supplies, more access to the law library, the ability to purchase more soup, soap, coffee, snacks and food items from the canteen; and more TV channels. They also have concerns about the laundry and want the canteen to stock a wider selection of headphones and ear buds.'”

Inmates in other prisons have also threatened to hunger strike.  A particular complaint is the use of indefinite administrative segregation for gang members.

Read more here.

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OH: Ohio Department of Corrections says violent rules infractions for inmates have decreased

From the article: “Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections officials said violent rule infractions have decreased by 7.3 percent in state prisons since last year. But while the prison system is pleased with the modest results inside prisons, local experts say problems continue to persist with prison gangs when they reenter society.”

Read more here.

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10 percent of Colorado prisoners are active gang members, according to DOC data

From the article: “That percentage translates to 2,075 prisoners, according to DOC spokeswoman Sue Cobb. She said another 4,000 prisoners are identified as “wannabes,” or inmates not affiliated with a gang the DOC recognizes.”

Interesting…you  know, Colorado doesn’t really strike me as a big gang state.  Then again, I’ve been surprised by conversations with people from IL and PA, which you think would be big prison gang states due to the larger cities in those states, and they tell me that prison gangs aren’t really a problem.

Read more about CO here.

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CT: Inmate gets life sentence for strangling cellmate

From the article: “Correction officers testified during Jusino’s trial that he told them Robles was annoying him by complaining about his problems, and when Robles went to use the sink, Jusino punched him in the back of the head. He covered the window of the cell, blocking surveillance cameras, before binding and strangling Robles.”

He then carved his name – “King Guala” – into the chest of the victim.

Read the article here.

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The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas: ‘Brutal, Deadly, and Effective’

Very interesting article about the history, prevalence, and criminal acts of the Aryan Brotherhood in Texas prisons.  The Aryan Brotherhood is one of the largest prison gangs across the nation.  It is organized and well-connected, even between different state systems.  While its name makes it sound as though racial supremacy is its primary goal, it in fact is a profit-making entity that uses power, fear, and intimidation to make money.  What is particularly scary is that the ABs are reportedly threatening law enforcement officers and prosecutors and may be responsible for several recent murders.

From Ohio, a recent report on STG numbers can be found here.

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PA: Inmate, Reputed Prison Gang Member to be Charged with Correctional Officer’s Murder

From the article: “Court papers in Arizona link Jessie Con-ui to the “New Mexican Mafia.’ Outside prison, it’s a criminal gang known for trafficking drugs, and terrorizing witnesses. Inside prisons, the New Mexican Mafia a history of intimidating, beating, and sometimes killing other inmates and even correctional officers.”

The accused inmate is facing the death penalty for the stabbing death.

Read more here.

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At least 50 dead in Venezuela prison riot: hospital

From the article: “[Officials] said the riot was sparked after inmates rebelled when prison authorities launched a sweep of the facility in search of illicit weapons.  Authorities had swept to “completely disarm” the prisoners after receiving a tip-off that prison gangs were readying to fight, she said.”

The article states that the prison system was originally built to hold 14,000, but currently holds 50,000.  Yikes.

Read the article here.

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Group: Prison violence increasing in Venezuela

“The number of killings inside Venezuela’s notoriously prisons has increased this year even as President Hugo Chavez faces mounting pressure to curtail the violence as he campaigns for re-election, according to a human rights group.

Riots and clashes between rival gangs in Venezuelan prisons left 304 dead inmates during the first half of 2012, a 15 percent increase compared to the same period last year, according the Venezuelan Prisons Observatory, which tracks the violence.”

Read more: http://www.correctionsone.com/riots/articles/5910167-Group-Prison-violence-increasing-in-Venezuela/

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