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Vera Institute’s Sentencing & Corrections Headlines

AL – Alabama Last State to Segregate HIV-Positive Inmates

CA – California Prisons Sterilized 148 Women Without Approval, Report Says

CA – California Is Facing More Woes in Prisons

MA – Teens in Prison (editorial)

OK – Who Will Solve Jail, Prison Overcrowding Problem? (editorial)

 US – The Horrible Psychology of Solitary Confinement

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UK: Prison is ‘ineffective’ punishment for many women offenders, say MPs

From the article: “The MPs concluded that prison remained an “expensive and ineffective” way of dealing with many female offenders who do not pose a significant risk to public safety.  They called for a redesign of the female custodial estate and a “significant” increase in the use of residential alternatives to custody.”

Read more here.

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Canada: Prison doctor touts advantages of keeping mom, baby together in jail

From the article: “Keeping incarcerated mothers and babies together in jail has multiple physical and social health benefits for the pair, a prison doctor testified Monday.”

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Gender and Justice Report on Massachusetts Female Offenders Released

Check out the article describing the report here.

Check out the fact sheets on women offenders in MA here.

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