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Guantánamo prison to synchronize force-feedings to Ramadan fast

From the article: “The U.S. prison at Guantánamo has sufficient military medical staff to synchronize forced-feedings to the Ramadan fast and will only feed hunger strikers after sunset and before dawn, a prison spokesman said Tuesday.”

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PA: Inmate, Reputed Prison Gang Member to be Charged with Correctional Officer’s Murder

From the article: “Court papers in Arizona link Jessie Con-ui to the “New Mexican Mafia.’ Outside prison, it’s a criminal gang known for trafficking drugs, and terrorizing witnesses. Inside prisons, the New Mexican Mafia a history of intimidating, beating, and sometimes killing other inmates and even correctional officers.”

The accused inmate is facing the death penalty for the stabbing death.

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DC: Ex-prison Doctor To Be Sentenced For Sexually Assaulting Inmates

From the article: “A former prison doctor who has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting inmates who came to him for treatment at the federal penitentiary in Atlanta is set to be sentenced.”

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Federal prisoners use snitching for personal gain

From the article: “At least 48,895 federal convicts — one of every eight — had their prison sentences reduced in exchange for helping government investigators, probe shows.”

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