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OK: Private Prison Accused of Abetting Extortion

This is a sad story.  The victim is an older man who arranged for telephone dates through MegaMates.  Little did he know that the “dates” that he had were actually with inmates in the Oklahoma prison system.  The man had confided to one of his “dates” that he had not disclosed his sexual orientation to his family.  The “date” (actually an inmate) then threatened to expose his secret to his family unless the man paid him money.  They further threatened violence.  The man sent them close to $700K over a period of five months (!).  Yikes.

The man is now suing GEO Group, the owner/operator of the prison, because they “allowed” inmates to use cellphones to commit the extortion (whether or not the inmates were allowed is definitely up for debate…unfortunately, combating cellphones is a trial for every correctional system).  Still, gotta feel bad for the guy.

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GA: Inmates extort money from outside prison

Great article about the very real threat of extortion of inmates’ families by other inmates in the facility, using cellphones to send threatening messages and images and to demand money.

From the article: “First there was a picture sent to Jimenna Whitner’s cell phone of her brother, who was bloody and beaten. Next, she got a text message from somewhere inside Baldwin State Prison 950 miles from her home in Michigan, demanding $1,000. Otherwise her inmate brother, Thomas Maher, would be killed.”

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