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IL: Inmate: Escape from Loop federal lockup ‘not one you want to relive’

From the article: “The actual escape, Banks describes as a “horrific, unimaginable nightmare.  A suicidal one — if I may add,” he said. “One you would not want to relive — wearing the same shoes. Trust me. I was probably numb the whole while making my way towards the ground (losing and catching my grip at stop-and-go intervals). My legs up and giving out on me. I collapsed my body to the ground upon contact.”

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Prison break in Tunisia; at least 3 dozen at large

“CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen said that al Qaeda “actually announced a year ago that they were going to do this campaign of releasing prisoners from prison and they conducted something like seven prison assaults, a couple of which have been quite successful.”

Prison breaks.  The new frontier in terrorism.

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NY: Prison Lockdown Foils Escape Plan

From the article: “Corrections officers Saturday say that the lockdown at the Elmira Correctional Facility was to stop to a detailed escape plot.  It was locked down after officers discovered an inmate had several weapons.”

The agency’s statement:

What is clear is that multiple inmates were planning some sort of disruption inside the facility with the ultimate goal of escaping, and the probability that many correction officers lives were in danger.

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Kenya: Prison warder, inmate missing after failed prison escape

From the article: “A prison warder and an inmate have gone missing in an incident where prisoners plotted to escape from a Narok jail.  Prison authorities fear that the warder and the inmate may have drowned after the gun assigned to the officer was recovered on a nearby riverbank.”

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Nigeria: Akure Prison Break, 170 Inmates Set Free

From the article: “Over 170 inmates were set free today during a brazen attack on the Olokuta medium security prison in Akure by armed gunmen who set off explosives and broke in shooting sporadically into the air.”

The gunmen entered the prison calling out the names of those that they wanted to set free.

The Ondo State Attorney General reportedly described the incident as “pathetic.”

Makes me wonder how it takes for gunmen to enter a prison and release 170 people – not 170 random people who ran out together, but to call out 170 names and have those people be released – where was the local law enforcement?  Is there any local law enforcement?

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Man uses spoon to break out of Russian maximum-security prison

Well, you don’t see this every day.

From the article: “Topalov, who was sentenced for double murder and arms trafficking, used the spoon to create a hole in the cell’s roof, opened a ventilation shaft and then climbed to the prison’s roof, finally escaping over the building’s perimeter fence.”

To what do we owe this escape?

Russian investigators have blamed Topalov’s escape on the prison staff, whom they say engaged in a “dishonest or careless attitude to their work that was made use of by the prisoner Topalov.”


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Sky’s no limit: 5 epic helicopter prison escapes

From the article: “The spectacular, airborne escape of two Canadian inmates Sunday stunned witnesses and showcased the illicit ingenuity behind one of the more creative styles of prison breaks.  But while astonishing, helicopter escapes are not unheard of. For decades, crafty inmates have fled into the sky — some with more success than others.  Here are five epic helicopter escapes.”

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What I don’t understand is…why didn’t the guys from Canada get further away?  You’re in a helicopter!


South Africa: Prison fire an ‘elaborate plan’

Maximum security inmates in a South African prison attempted an escape and managed to burn down six jail cells and three administration offices.  The inmates were reportedly upset about the quality of the food and about some staff.  According to the official:

“They started with the locks and then broke the beds and made keys and weapons. They started there and moved and lit the fires,” he said.

The inmates also managed to burn all of the inmate files.  Hope they had those backed up somewhere…

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Feds: Second inmate who escaped Chicago jail captured

And so it ends.  A part of me was rooting for them – scaling 20 stories with a knotted bedsheet and eluding capture (one for a couple days, the other for a couple weeks) is no joke.

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IL: Authorities say 2 inmates escape from federal prison in downtown Chicago

This is kind of amazing.  From the article: “Two convicted bank robbers were on the run after using a knotted rope or bed sheets to escape from a federal prison window high above downtown Chicago early Tuesday, a week after one of them made a courtroom vow of retribution.”

The inmates climbed down 20 stories with a rope made out of knotted bedsheets.

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