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OH: Toledo Correctional inmate dies after getting attacked

Well, there’s been another homicide at TOCI.  The Toledo Blade had earlier reported that with three homicides, TOCI had more than the entire MI correctional system (within a year).  With four, I’m thinking it might be the deadliest prison in the Midwest.

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OH: Director views inmate suicides as failures; new steps being taken

From the article: “Prisons officials are taking new steps to prevent suicides: using “safe cells,” disposable paper uniforms, soft food and paper eating utensils for inmates on suicide watch; spot-checking video to make sure corrections officers are making rounds; training employees to be watchful for signs that inmates might be suicidal; and reviewing mental-health assessments done when inmates enter the system. But [Director] Mohr cautioned that no amount of vigilance, precautions and staff attention will stop all inmates who are determined to take their own lives.”

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h/t Vera Institute

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Ohio prison officials to face future executions with new drug to replace expired supply

From the article: “Ohio is looking to the future of its execution procedure after the lethal injection of a killer whose death exhausted the state’s last unexpired dose of its execution drug, the powerful sedative pentobarbital.”

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Utah prison murder meant to look like suicide

From the article: “When 62-year-old Rolando Cardona-Gueton was found dead April 20 in his cell at the prison in Gunnison on, it looked like he may have committed suicide. But now police and prosecutors believe his cellmate, Steven Crutcher, killed him.”

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Most Ohio prison suicides are committed by violent predators, watchdog group says

If you are not living under a rock, you may have heard about some recent suicides in Ohio’s prison system.  The state legislative committee charged with prison oversight published a report today with some key characteristics regarding inmates who have committed suicide in the Ohio prison system since 2000.

Here are some key findings:

  • The DRC experienced 88 completed suicides from 2000 to present.
  • The total number of suicides in any given year fluctuates.
  •  Inmates classified as white accounted for 76.1 percent of suicides.  Male inmates were responsible for 94.3 percent of all suicides since 2000.    

  • Higher security and reception institutions generally experience more suicides.

  •  The average age of inmates who committed suicide was 35.

  •  The majority of inmates committed suicide after having been incarcerated for less than two years or for ten or more years.  The median length of time served was 1.8 years prior to suicide.

  •  75% of inmates committing suicide had sentences of five or more years.

  •  Suicides generally happen in segregation or general population cells. Hanging is the most common method of suicide.

  •  Suicide is most frequently committed by inmates convicted of violent crimes against other persons.  86.4% of all suicides were committed by an inmate convicted of one of the following offenses (including attempts and aggravated offenses): murder, assault, rape, robbery, sexual battery, or burglary.

  •  Ohio is below the national rate of prison suicide.

Read more from a news article on the report here.

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Probes underway in death of Vermont inmate

Another inmate suicide.

“Robert Mossey, 38, known to family and friends as R.J., was found unconscious in a mop closet. He apparently hanged himself. The medical examiner’s report is still out. And state police are trying to rule out foul play, though that doesn’t appear to be the case right now.”

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Inmate Suicides in South Carolina Prisons

I think Castro has prompted a lot of interest in inmate suicide in general.  This article discusses suicide in SC prisons.  Since 2000, SC experienced 38 suicides.  In the same time period, 24 inmates were the victims of homicides.  The homicide number seems a bit high to me, because we definitely have a higher suicide to homicide ratio in Ohio.

Read more about SC prison suicides here.

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Romanian Communist-era prison chief charged with genocide

This guy.

From the article: “Prosecutors said in a statement that under his command prisoners were subjected to beatings, hunger, a lack of medical treatment and exposure to cold. Visinescu could face life in prison if convicted.”

He also just looks really scary.  Click the link and check it out.

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OH: Ariel Castro hanged himself in prison cell

Well, the big thing in Ohio corrections today is that Ariel Castro, the man who held three women captive in his “house of horrors” in Cleveland, committed suicide in prison.  This comes not that long after an inmate on Death Row killed himself shortly before he was to go on suicide watch heading into the final month prior to the execution.  The DRC Director has ordered a review of all suicides.

Read more about the Castro suicide here.

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Bolivia: Inmate melee leaves 15 dead, 50 injured

From the article: “At least 15 inmates were killed, many in a fire, early Friday in a battle among inmates for control of part of an overcrowded maximum-security prison in Bolivia’s eastern lowlands, the national police chief said. Chief Alberto Aracena said at least seven of the 50 injured were in critical condition after the melee began with the explosion of a propane gas canister that triggered a fire at the Palmasola prison outside the regional capital of Santa Cruz.”

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