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Singapore: Inmate’s death: Prison officer pleads guilty

From the article: “The prosecution, recounting the incident of Sept 27, 2010, said [the deceased] – who was serving a jail sentence for rioting and theft – had to be restrained after he had kicked a prison warden in his abdomen at about 10.45am in Changi Prison. He was moved to a disciplinary housing unit and left alone on the ground in a “prone position” by officers under the supervision of Lim.”

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DE: Poisoned prisoners take DOC officials to court

From the article: “The men say Apgar put Ajax or Comet on half a loaf of bread, and then gave it to another inmate to put in the common area.  In the handwritten complaint, Campbell said he retrieved the bread and took it back to his cell, June 5. “Me, Joseph Rushing, Tevon Savage got very sick after eating the bread,” he wrote.  “C/O James Apgar came to room 309 and stated, ‘I hope y’all enjoy that homemade gritty bread because you people are always stealing,’” Campbell wrote.”

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Fired Pennsylvania Prison Guard Gets 45 Days For Freezing Shackles

From the article: “A fired guard must spend 45 days in jail for placing freezing shackles on a female inmate after she previously complained about how cold the metal restraints could be.”

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PA: Former inmate alleges Lackawanna County prison guard raped her

From the article: “The lawsuits each claim Mr. Black sexually assaulted the women on several occasions in 2011 after he ordered them to go to areas of the prison out of sight of surveillance cameras. Both women said they later learned several other females have said Mr. Black sexually assaulted them.”

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NZ: Prison postcard costs tutor job

From the article: “Ms Hill sent the card to a prisoner while on an overseas trip, to ”assist that student in the learning process,” Authority member Paul Stapp outlined  in his decision.”

Hmm…truth or BS?  You decide.

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Former Ala. guard: Supervisor said kill inmate

From the article: “Glenn said he was working the night of Aug. 4, 2010, when officer Melissa Brown radioed that an inmate had jumped on her and she needed help. He said Smith, who was the supervisor that night, came on the radio a short while later. “He said, ‘Make sure y’all kill” him, Glenn testified.”

Perhaps that was an idle comment, you say.  Perhaps he was just joking or being hyperbolic.

Glenn said that when Smith arrived on the scene, he beat Mack with a fiberglass baton until it broke, stomped him repeatedly, and placed a foot on his neck even though Mack wasn’t resisting. After learning that Mack had died, he told officers that “he deserved it,” Glenn testified.


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World’s toughest prisons: The five jails with histories of murder, disease and torture

This is a great article, but dear Lord is it depressing.  The prisons include Rikers Island, Bang Kwang (Thailand), La Sante (France), Diyarbakir Prison (Turkey), and Carandiru Prison (Brazil).  In one of the prisons featured, 122 inmates committed suicide in one year due to conditions.  At another, inmates set themselves on fire to avoid the torture of the guards.

Read the article here.

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Ghana: Prison officers in shady deals

In Ghana, civil society groups called for the government to increase food rations for inmates.


In Ghana, prison officers have taken the extra food and instead of giving it to inmates, used it for personal profit.


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AL: Fired prison boss facing trial in inmate death

From the article: “A fired Alabama prison supervisor was set to go on trial Wednesday, accused of severely beating an inmate and then covering it up after the prisoner died.”

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GA: Eight Current or Former Macon State Prison Officers Charged in Conspiracy to Assault Inmates

From the DOJ Civil Rights Division press release: “Deputy Warden James Hinton and seven former members of the Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) at Macon State Prison in Oglethorpe, Ga., were charged with federal civil rights, conspiracy or obstruction offenses arising out of incidents in which inmates were allegedly assaulted by officers in order to punish the inmates for prior misconduct.   The indictment alleges that former CERT members Christopher Hall, Ronald Lach Jr., Delton Rushin, Kerry Bolden, Derrick Wimbush, Kadarius Thomas and Tyler Griffin, conspired to assault inmates, and that the seven former CERT members conspired with Deputy Warden Hinton and others to cover up their misconduct by writing false reports and providing misleading information to investigators.”

I feel like this is probably such a common occurrence in American corrections that, not to take away from the DOJ, but this is a drop in the bucket.  Still, I guess these guys won’t be doing it anymore, and hopefully it serves as a warning to other staff considering the same in GA…

Read a news article with better details than the press release here.

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