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Conn. prison population rising as paroles nixed

From the article: “The state’s prison population is rising and state officials say it’s due to fewer paroles following a 2007 home invasion in which a mother and her two daughters were murdered.”

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CT: Inmate gets life sentence for strangling cellmate

From the article: “Correction officers testified during Jusino’s trial that he told them Robles was annoying him by complaining about his problems, and when Robles went to use the sink, Jusino punched him in the back of the head. He covered the window of the cell, blocking surveillance cameras, before binding and strangling Robles.”

He then carved his name – “King Guala” – into the chest of the victim.

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NPR: ‘Million-Dollar Blocks’ Map Incarceration’s Costs

Great article on the NPR interview on “incarceration mapping.”  Analysts can pinpoint what they call “million dollar blocks” – neighborhoods or areas where more than a million dollars is spent annually to incarcerate the residents.  It’s a fascinating concept that can allow local and state officials to better target neighborhoods for the infusion of funds and programs to keep citizens out of prisons.

To some extent, perhaps it’s not a new concept – after all, most local officials know the “bad neighborhoods” that result in high incarceration.  On the other hand, putting dollar figures to something tends to be a motivator in a way that simply knowing the bad areas of town is not.  The article highlights New Haven, CT, as a city that has emphasized reentry initiatives based on incarceration mapping.

Read the NPR article here.

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