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CO: DOC Chief: Parole Supervision Needs Improvement

From the article: “The head of Colorado’s correctional system told lawmakers Friday his department needs to improve the monitoring of parolees, and that officials are considering using cellphones instead of electronic bracelets to do so.”

According to the article, the prison system is thinking about giving cellphones to parolees, which would track their whereabouts via GPS.  POs could call the parolees to ensure that the cellphone was on them and could require the parolees to take pictures of themselves or surroundings to verify location.


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Vera Institute’s Sentencing & Corrections Headlines

AR – Lawmakers to Take Up Parole System

AZ – Ruling Says Arizona DNA Law Doesn’t Require Payments

CA – California Prisons’ Photo Ban Leaves Legacy of Blurred Identities

CA – Jails Look to Affordable Care Act to Insure Inmates

CA – To Cut STD Rate, California Considers Condoms in Prison

CO – Prisons Chief Tom Clements Remembered: “The First Time I Had Hope”

CT – Taxpayers’ Costs Top $3.5 Million for Death Row Inmate’s Lawsuit

LA – Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Signs Law to Shift Drug Offenders From Jail to Rehab

LA – New Orleans Police Department Consent Decree Monitor Chosen: Sheppard Mullin Gets Contract

MD – City Jail Grievance System Broken, Inmates, Advocates Say

MO – Missouri Executions: State May Return to Gas Chamber

NV – Nevada Study Will Ask Question: Is Execution More Expensive Than Prison?

NY – New York’s Wrongful Conviction Bills Stall

OR – House OKs Sex-Offender Registry Plan

PA – Bill Gives Corrections Officers Rights in Disciplinary Actions

VA – Advocates Worry About Details of Virginia’s New Program to Restore Voting Rights to Felons

US – Crime Makes Halting Comeback as a Political Issue

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CO: Colorado wildfire forces prison evacuation

From the article: “Department of Corrections spokeswoman Adrienne Jacobson said prisoners from the Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility were taken to other prisons around the Front Range overnight. The evacuation was ordered because of the danger from heavy smoke, she said. The fire has not reached the prison.”

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10 percent of Colorado prisoners are active gang members, according to DOC data

From the article: “That percentage translates to 2,075 prisoners, according to DOC spokeswoman Sue Cobb. She said another 4,000 prisoners are identified as “wannabes,” or inmates not affiliated with a gang the DOC recognizes.”

Interesting…you  know, Colorado doesn’t really strike me as a big gang state.  Then again, I’ve been surprised by conversations with people from IL and PA, which you think would be big prison gang states due to the larger cities in those states, and they tell me that prison gangs aren’t really a problem.

Read more about CO here.

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CO: Suspect in Colorado prison chief killing spent bulk of sentence in solitary

I am in no way saying that prison caused this man to act out in murder, as the disciplinary and sentencing records indicate that he was a violent, disturbed person.  But it does make you wonder what programs or other reentry-related therapy was conducted to prepare him for release.  Could anything have changed the course of his behavior?  I do not know, but I do know it’s not going to be found in solitary.

Read the article here.

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Colorado prison chief shot dead on eve of gun laws signing

Sad news of the death of a public servant…and scary for anyone working in and around the criminal justice/corrections field, if the shooting was related to the man’s work. 

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