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World’s toughest prisons: The five jails with histories of murder, disease and torture

This is a great article, but dear Lord is it depressing.  The prisons include Rikers Island, Bang Kwang (Thailand), La Sante (France), Diyarbakir Prison (Turkey), and Carandiru Prison (Brazil).  In one of the prisons featured, 122 inmates committed suicide in one year due to conditions.  At another, inmates set themselves on fire to avoid the torture of the guards.

Read the article here.

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Brazil: Cops get 156 years jail each for prison massacre

Wow.  We had a prison riot in Ohio twenty years ago, resulting in the loss of life for nine inmates and one officer.

In Brazil, they also had a prison riot twenty years ago…resulting in the loss of life for 111 inmates.  The military police were sent in and apparently massacred the inmates, even those who had surrendered.  A witness says that it was like a “carpet of bodies.”  Sheesh.

Twenty years later they’re finally prosecuting.

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Wave of Arson Attacks in Brazil Is Tied to Reports of Inmate Abuse

From the article: “The attacks began after video images surfaced from closed-circuit recordings of events at a prison in the city of Joinville on Jan. 18. In the video, prison guards are shown to have marched dozens of inmates into a closed area, forcing them to crouch into a fetal position before firing rubber bullets at their backs and targeting some with what appears to be pepper spray.  “Prisoners decided to orchestrate the attacks to call the attention of the population and authorities to issues of management of the prison system,” said Col. Nazareno Marcineiro, the commander of Santa Catarina’s military police.”

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Cat caught sneaking saw, phone into Brazil prison

This is amazing.  How do you train a cat to carry contraband??  This cat carried not just a saw and a phone, but also “drills, an earphone, a memory card, batteries and a phone charger.”  She was packing some serious business.

Read more here.

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7 Inmates die in prison fire in Brazil

“Seven inmates burned to death in a fire over the weekend at a prison farm in Rondonia, a state in northern Brazil, media reports said.

The victims were in one of the restrooms when the fire started during visiting hours on Sunday, Rondonia Justice Secretariat officials told Globo television.”

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At Brazilian prison, inmates biking their way to freedom help illuminate town

Brazilian inmate Ronaldo da Silva hops on a bicycle and pedals furiously, clocking up several miles (kilometres) before slowing down and jumping off.

Silva hasn’t gotten far, in fact not an inch. He’s still inside the medium-security prison where he’s serving a 5.5-year sentence for holding up a bakery, standing next to a stationary bike.

But he did move a bit closer to freedom. Silva is part of an innovative program that allows inmates at a prison in Brazil’s southeastern Minas Gerais state to reduce their sentences in exchange for generating power to help illuminate the town at night.

Read more: http://news.yahoo.com/brazilian-prison-inmates-biking-way-freedom-help-illuminate-201014086.html?_esi=1

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