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Afghanistan: Most women at Kabul prison accused of ‘moral’ crimes

From the article: “More than two-thirds of the 202 inmates are serving sentences of up to seven years for leaving their husbands, refusing to accept an arranged marriage, or leaving their parents’ home with a man of their choice, according to the prison’s director, Zaref Jan Naebi. The rest face theft, assault or narcotics charges. Two women are in jail on murder.”

Not much to say about this…other than it really pisses me off.

Read the article here.

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Afghanistan: Karzai calls for prison torture investigation

From the article: “The Afghan government has set up a delegation to investigate reports of torture in Afghan-run detention facilities. The delegation, which was announced on Tuesday, was created two days after the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan published a report¬†on the “ill-treatment of conflict-related detainees in Afghan custody.” The UN report, based on interviews with hundreds of detainees held in 89 facilities between October 2011 and October 2012, details 14 abusive practices, including the twisting of genitals, extracting fingernails and electric shock.”

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