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Prison company leaving Idaho after problem-filled decade

From the article: “Private prison giant Corrections Corp. of America will leave Idaho after more than a decade marked by scandal and lawsuits surrounding its operation of the state’s largest prison.”

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Ohio adds new execution method after supplies of go-to lethal injection drug dry up

From the article: “The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction on Friday announced it would soon allow a new chemical cocktail to be shot intravenously during lethal injections.”

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Highlighting the plight of pregnant women and babies in Nigerian prisons

Lawyers Alert

– Angela Uwandu,  ASF France Head of Office
Women and children in the Nigerian prisons across the country are plagued with several concerns. These issues range from minors serving time or awaiting trial alongside adult detainees in the same prison facility, pregnant women serving time in prisons, to the more disturbing reality of nursing mothers incarcerated alongside their babies in the prisons. Most recently in early August 2013, two female detainees who are awaiting trial in Kirikiri prisons for capital offences had their babies in prisons. These inmates are being represented in court by Avocats Sans Frontières France (Lawyers without Borders France).
Yet in another case being handled by Avocats sans Frontières France in Katsina state, a female detainee has been on death row alongside her infant child for two years. It is noteworthy that she was sentenced to death for an offence she was alleged to have committed as a…

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Privatising Queenland’s Prisons


Hidden deep in the lush, rural and rugged bush land of the Lockyer Valley resides an enigma of an estate. A fortress encumbered with the responsibility of correcting society’s unfortunates. Housing various types of men from various types of backgrounds, some are drug addicts, while others are violent offenders, there are those guilty of fraud and organised crime, and even murder. They are all there to be punished for crimes committed against the state, to hopefully learn from their mistakes.

gatton prison

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Welcome to Southern Queensland Correctional Centre, the $400 million super prison located in Gatton. The SQCC is just one of Queensland’s privately run prisons, within these razor sharp walls you will discover a mixture of hardened crims and many re-offenders serving lengthy sentences. The prison currently consists of 300 cells, with hopes to one day expand enough to house up to…

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