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67 escapes: 5.7 percent of inmates flee Iowa DOC’s Davenport halfway houses

The headline is self-explanatory.  On the plus side, most are found within a week.  Read the article here.

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Editorial: Allow inmates to talk

Editorial on proposed legislation in California that would permit greater media access to inmates.  The author makes the case that greater access will lead to greater accountability.,0,2911006.story

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Commentary: The case for privatizing Michigan prisons

“Most people working in Michigan either have their own business or are employed by a private company. Yet when it comes to involving private businesses providing services to the public sector – say, running prisons – in any new way, the alarms start going off.

Why is that?

The easy answer is that people are unaccustomed to change in how government services are provided. Another major reason is that those working in the public sector are concerned that they will lose their jobs. These are legitimate concerns, but not necessarily valid when everything is considered.

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Can Vermont afford the cost of being ‘tough on crime?’

“More than 2,000 Vermonters currently live behind bars, but Vermont’s prison system has room for only about 1,600 of them.”

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