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Prison counselling a loving touch for prisoners in Taloja jail

This shows the value of “in-reach” – organizations reaching in to prisons to help inmates prepare for reentry. Hopefully the jail is seeing reduction in recidivism as a result.

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Jails are one of the most separated and avoided building in history of any society. Some human beings are living inside the jails without any contacts to the outer world. Though most of them are criminals and have no hope for the society, some in our city wants to help them. Counselling centre of YMCA has completed one year in helping such people who are hopeless. They provide personal advice and help them to return to normal life. They say it is not easy to transform from an easy money addiction, but are successful in providing advice and mental strength to face problems. A group of counsellors from the centre is visiting the Taloja jail every week.

YMCA and its counselling division has understood the need to improve their works and completed training about 14 new counsellors specially for prisoners. Taloja jail spread over 77 acres of land and has many big criminals in it. Taloja jail is one…

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The Other Five Percent

Prison Report

Correctional work is routine and mundane 95% of the time…… This is the other 5%!

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Ohio prison officials to face future executions with new drug to replace expired supply

From the article: “Ohio is looking to the future of its execution procedure after the lethal injection of a killer whose death exhausted the state’s last unexpired dose of its execution drug, the powerful sedative pentobarbital.”

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Utah prison murder meant to look like suicide

From the article: “When 62-year-old Rolando Cardona-Gueton was found dead April 20 in his cell at the prison in Gunnison on, it looked like he may have committed suicide. But now police and prosecutors believe his cellmate, Steven Crutcher, killed him.”

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IL: Inmate: Escape from Loop federal lockup ‘not one you want to relive’

From the article: “The actual escape, Banks describes as a “horrific, unimaginable nightmare.  A suicidal one — if I may add,” he said. “One you would not want to relive — wearing the same shoes. Trust me. I was probably numb the whole while making my way towards the ground (losing and catching my grip at stop-and-go intervals). My legs up and giving out on me. I collapsed my body to the ground upon contact.”

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California signs private-prison deal

Private companies like CCA have been losing contracts in some states, but not in CA – the state signed an agreement with the GEO Group for two lower security facilities.

I am not for or against privatization as a whole – there are pluses and minuses to it – but one thing is absolutely true: it’s not an easy transition from a state to a private facility.  You can’t just snap your fingers, change out the staff, and everything keeps running the way it had before.  Those facilities (and the inmates in them) are in for a rocky ride.

Read more about the CA deal here.

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Most Ohio prison suicides are committed by violent predators, watchdog group says

If you are not living under a rock, you may have heard about some recent suicides in Ohio’s prison system.  The state legislative committee charged with prison oversight published a report today with some key characteristics regarding inmates who have committed suicide in the Ohio prison system since 2000.

Here are some key findings:

  • The DRC experienced 88 completed suicides from 2000 to present.
  • The total number of suicides in any given year fluctuates.
  •  Inmates classified as white accounted for 76.1 percent of suicides.  Male inmates were responsible for 94.3 percent of all suicides since 2000.    

  • Higher security and reception institutions generally experience more suicides.

  •  The average age of inmates who committed suicide was 35.

  •  The majority of inmates committed suicide after having been incarcerated for less than two years or for ten or more years.  The median length of time served was 1.8 years prior to suicide.

  •  75% of inmates committing suicide had sentences of five or more years.

  •  Suicides generally happen in segregation or general population cells. Hanging is the most common method of suicide.

  •  Suicide is most frequently committed by inmates convicted of violent crimes against other persons.  86.4% of all suicides were committed by an inmate convicted of one of the following offenses (including attempts and aggravated offenses): murder, assault, rape, robbery, sexual battery, or burglary.

  •  Ohio is below the national rate of prison suicide.

Read more from a news article on the report here.

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WA: Prison inmates learning aerospace work

From the article: “About a dozen inmates are enrolled in a program that will make them certified aerospace composite technicians. Their goal is a post-prison chance to land jobs at companies like Boeing and its suppliers.”

Prison industries – one of the best defenses against recidivism and an opportunity for an inmate to learn skills that will help him find employment post-release.  Some people equate prison industries to slave labor, but it could not be further from the truth (at least not in Ohio – I can’t speak for other states) and it remains a valuable component of true rehabilitation.  We don’t have aerospace education in our prisons, but it sounds like a neat opportunity.

Read more of the article here.

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