Florida Department of Corrections ends cigarette ban in work camps: smoke em if you got em

I think this is what’s known as the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” philosophy of corrections…

From the article: “Department of Corrections officials say they lifted the prohibition on tobacco-related products in the work release programs because they didn’t want prisoners so close to completing their sentences to have to go back behind bars for breaking the rules.”

Read the article here.
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One thought on “Florida Department of Corrections ends cigarette ban in work camps: smoke em if you got em

  1. Max Zvi says:

    In Georgia the tobacco ban has done nothing to stop smoking. All the can has done is to funnel millions of dollars to terrorist Muslim Jihadist organizations and criminal gangs. The ban has destroyed security and has spawned staff corruption of unimaginable proportions. The costs associated with the increased violence and security infrastructure are extremely high. The tobacco black market now dominates all operations in the Georgia prison system. What is so crazy about this is that it is totally unnecessary. Nicotine replacement in the form of e-cigarettes would solve the solution. There is even an e-cigarette designed for prisons see: http://www.smokecrossbar.com However, the Georgia prison commissarrs stuck in their sunk cost bias aren’t willing to accept the failure of their present foolish policy and seek a realistic solution. The tobacco ban in Georgia’s prisons threatens the public safety of all Georgia’s citizens and national security.

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