Ohio’s prison population expected to increase

From the article: “A report from the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee on Thursday shows that instead of gradually declining over the next several years, Ohio’s prison population is projected to grow by 3,000 and hit 53,484 by 2019. Currently, 50,419 inmates are incarcerated in the state system.”

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2 thoughts on “Ohio’s prison population expected to increase

  1. roberta4949 says:

    so what they can read peoples minds or something and see precrimes? or are they planning on selectivly enforcing the myriads of rules and regulations they have made to ensure the prison system makes its profits. everyday if they wanted to they can find you breaking one of their laws somewhere, at any one time or they can just fabricate a crime you commited that you didnt.

  2. Hi there. Population projections are based on statistical analysis. My understanding is that they take into account increased rates of crimes, legislative changes that have increased sentence lengths, as well as recent commitment numbers (multiplied by the length of the sentences for those felonies) and determine whether the population is projected to increase or decrease. In this case, in Ohio, it looks like it’s going to increase by 3,000 inmates in the next six years, despite significant attempts at sentencing reform.

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