Ohio prison system sees spike in contraband cell phones behind bars

From the article: “State prison records show that for the first seven months of this year, corrections officers have seized 319 cell phones from inmates at the state’s 28 prisons. Guards found 340 all of last year, the records show. The phones nabbed this year mark a 153 percent spike over the 126 recovered in 2010.”

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One thought on “Ohio prison system sees spike in contraband cell phones behind bars

  1. roberta4949 says:

    if your a murderer or gangster then maybe you should not be allowed a cell phone most people in prisons these days are in their for non violent offenses, by the way confiscating cell phones is still stealing, you can’t rehabitliate (if that is what your trying to do) people by setting a bad example yourself. if assautl and abuses are wrong for the people it is wrong for the government. second the last thing you want to do is isolate people from their loved ones, especially if they are non violent. it is cruel and unusual punishment to be put into a cage denied access to assocation wiht family and friends via internet or phone, lonliness alone can make people go crazy. prisons are for profit, anytime you put profit into a for the public good corruption goes up 10000fold. it is not like internet is not monitered or phones for that matter. maybe they don’t want them to have phones so they cant call for help when they are being abused, singled out for persecuiton for having a different opinion or whatever.

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