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Ohio’s prison population expected to increase

From the article: “A report from the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee on Thursday shows that instead of gradually declining over the next several years, Ohio’s prison population is projected to grow by 3,000 and hit 53,484 by 2019. Currently, 50,419 inmates are incarcerated in the state system.”

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Ohio prison system sees spike in contraband cell phones behind bars

From the article: “State prison records show that for the first seven months of this year, corrections officers have seized 319 cell phones from inmates at the state’s 28 prisons. Guards found 340 all of last year, the records show. The phones nabbed this year mark a 153 percent spike over the 126 recovered in 2010.”

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Bolivia: Inmate melee leaves 15 dead, 50 injured

From the article: “At least 15 inmates were killed, many in a fire, early Friday in a battle among inmates for control of part of an overcrowded maximum-security prison in Bolivia’s eastern lowlands, the national police chief said. Chief Alberto Aracena said at least seven of the 50 injured were in critical condition after the melee began with the explosion of a propane gas canister that triggered a fire at the Palmasola prison outside the regional capital of Santa Cruz.”

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WTF?! Prison Riot Breaks Out At Rikers Island Over A Grilled Cheese Sandwich (VIDEO)

Global Grind

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A prison riot involving as many as 50 inmates broke out in Rikers Island when an argument over a grilled cheese sandwich escalated.

Yep, you read that right.

Members of the Dominican Trinitarians were upset after their rivals refused to let them cook the melty goodness on a kitchen hot plate.

And that’s when shit hit the fan.

Inmates armed with mop sticks started throwing chairs and beating each other. Guards could only watch stunned from behind protective glass as the riot continued. In the end, 11 inmates were injured, some seriously with stab wounds.

According to The Mirror:

The confrontation only ended when both sides agreed to stop on their own after 45 minutes.

An officer was injured and now the prison is being accused of being dangerously short-staffed at certain times.

Correction Officers Benevolent Association president Norman Seabrook said: “We don’t…

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Note to Chelsea/Bradley: Your Prison Survival Guide

Frankie Wallace

So yur gonna do time.  Take this note, from one convict to another.  Make it your bible.  God knows you’ll go friggin’ nuts in this place if ya don’t.

Yur probably in shock right now kid.  Probably wondering what the hell your future’s going to be, spendin’  the next few decades behind prison bars.  Stop right there.  Your brain will explode if you try to think about it. Get off that merry go round and don’t think about yur life doin’ time till you hear those cell doors close behind you.  First things first, kid, you gotta go through processing .

Now when you go through processing, you focus only on what yur doin’ at the moment.  On the bus to a new joint?  You focus on that bus ride kid, you pay attention to every little detail out yur window.  You check out the markings on the back of…

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OH: TOCI inmate dies after beating in prison yard

A third inmate dies at the Toledo facility in a year.  He was beaten by metal baseball bats by two other inmates on the recreation yard.

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OR: Convicted Ore. murderer killed in prison

From the article: “The Department of Corrections says 45-year-olod Joseph Akins was found in his cell Saturday morning. The Oregon State Police Criminal Investigation Division is investigating the matter in cooperation with local prosecutors.”

This, to me, is similar to the recent suicide that we had in Ohio’s Death Row.  Pretty sure that the idea is that the state is supposed to put him to death, not another inmate or by his own hand…

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Calif. inmate hunger strike heads into 7th week

From the article: “Lawyers and advocates said that the roughly 70 inmates who have refused prison meals since July 8 want to start taking a liquid diet that includes fruit and vegetable juices, just as they said hunger-striking terrorism suspects being held at Guantanamo Bay are allowed to do. But California corrections officials define fruit and vegetable juices as food, and thus would reclassify inmates as not being on a hunger strike if they started drinking them.”

Interesting.  I think I would have to say that my first inclination is to side with California, at least regarding the calories.  How about you?

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