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OK: Private Prison Accused of Abetting Extortion

This is a sad story.  The victim is an older man who arranged for telephone dates through MegaMates.  Little did he know that the “dates” that he had were actually with inmates in the Oklahoma prison system.  The man had confided to one of his “dates” that he had not disclosed his sexual orientation to his family.  The “date” (actually an inmate) then threatened to expose his secret to his family unless the man paid him money.  They further threatened violence.  The man sent them close to $700K over a period of five months (!).  Yikes.

The man is now suing GEO Group, the owner/operator of the prison, because they “allowed” inmates to use cellphones to commit the extortion (whether or not the inmates were allowed is definitely up for debate…unfortunately, combating cellphones is a trial for every correctional system).  Still, gotta feel bad for the guy.

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Make-Up and Make-Do Fashions: Edyta Ganc’s Masterful Portraits in a Polish Women’s Prison

Prison Photography



“The women have different histories but they all have one thing in common — they all just wanted to have nice portraits,” read the email from Edyta Ganc.

Well, Edyta nailed it. Ganc’s portraits are nice. But, they’re much more than nice; they’re rather formidable. They emerge from a straightforward approach to the prison by Ganc and the simplest of aims. The variety among the portraits is impressive. I immediately emailed Ganc insistent that I share the series, titled Borderline, here, with you.

“I helped them to look attractive by inviting a professional make-up artist,” continued the email. “I also prepared clothes for them … mainly from my private wardrobe.”

Ganc has succeeded twice over; for the women prisoners, she has made beautiful portraits, and for us, she has made poignant portraits to mull over. Ganc’s moments are noticeably heavy and to capture that is a…

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Research Fellow position on ESRC project

carceral geography

University of Birmingham

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences 8-2754esrc-logo

Research Fellow in Prison Visitation and Reoffending

Salary from £27,578 to £38,140 a year

We are looking to recruit a post-doctoral researcher to work on a cutting-edge ESRC-funded Project, Breaking the Cycle? Prison Visitation and Recidivism in the UK. This project seeks to enhance understanding of the relationship between prison visitation and reoffending in the UK, to explore the experience of prison visitation for prisoners, visitors and prison personnel, providing a new perspective on visitation, and paying particular attention to its socio-spatial context. The 2.5 year post facilitates work across the academic disciplines of geography, psychology and criminology, and the post holder will work closely with key stakeholders to integrate findings into policy development, with a view to increasing the effectiveness of visitation in assisting positive post-release outcomes. HMP Hewell will be the primary case study and the researcher…

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UK: Five Prison Staff Suspended After Lee Rigby Murder Suspect Injured In Belmarsh

From the article: “Five members of prison staff have been suspended after Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo lost two teeth when he was restrained in jail. The 28-year-old was injured at high-security Belmarsh prison in south-east London on Wednesday, where he is being held on suspicion of murdering soldier Lee Rigby.”

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UK: Prison will boost north Wales economy, first minister says

From the article: “North Wales is the Ministry of Justice’s preferred location for a 2,000-inmate new jail by 2017, ahead of London and north west England.  ‘It will bring opportunities to north Wales in terms of training and employment, in terms of construction and work within the prison, as well as the wider benefits to the whole region.'”

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Singapore: Inmate’s death: Prison officer pleads guilty

From the article: “The prosecution, recounting the incident of Sept 27, 2010, said [the deceased] – who was serving a jail sentence for rioting and theft – had to be restrained after he had kicked a prison warden in his abdomen at about 10.45am in Changi Prison. He was moved to a disciplinary housing unit and left alone on the ground in a “prone position” by officers under the supervision of Lim.”

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OH: Heat spurs reduction in power cuts in prisons

From the article: “State officials yesterday scaled back the number of prisons where electricity use will be curtailed under a power-supply agreement.  Only prisons in Marion, Cleveland and Youngstown dialed down electricity use yesterday as the heat index approached 100 degrees. On Monday and Tuesday, electricity was restricted in 24 prisons as a result of a contract that has generated $1.3 million for the state over three years.”

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2 Pa. workers charged with stealing inmate labor

From the article: “State corrections investigators say the men used the state materials and inmate labor to make tools and craft other items that Maust used to build his own home. The (Somerset) Daily American reports Maust allegedly also brought personal items into the prison and had inmates repair them, including a carburetor for his tractor.”

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DE: Poisoned prisoners take DOC officials to court

From the article: “The men say Apgar put Ajax or Comet on half a loaf of bread, and then gave it to another inmate to put in the common area.  In the handwritten complaint, Campbell said he retrieved the bread and took it back to his cell, June 5. “Me, Joseph Rushing, Tevon Savage got very sick after eating the bread,” he wrote.  “C/O James Apgar came to room 309 and stated, ‘I hope y’all enjoy that homemade gritty bread because you people are always stealing,’” Campbell wrote.”

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