UK: Prison experts urge replacement of run down ‘dungeons’ with ‘superjails’

From the article: “Kevin Lockyer, a former senior Ministry of Justice official and ex-prison governor, says “damp Victorian dungeons” should be replaced by 10 to 12 new “hub” jails holding up to 3,000 inmates.”

Look, I’m no fan of dungeons, but my sense is that larger facilities are more difficult to manage from an administrative perspective and that inmate abuses are more likely to happen because of the reduced oversight.

Then again, the article says that the “super jail” would hold 3,000 inmates, which is not actually that many in comparison to American prisons.  We have several facilities in Ohio with more than 2,000, so I suppose it is not that different.  My caution is that the facilities where this works successfully are the lower security facilities – the higher security facilities with more than 2,000 inmates do have serious problems.

Read more here.

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