Vera Institute’s Sentencing & Corrections Headlines

AL – Alabama’s Prison Population: Murderers Outnumber Drug Possession Offenders

AL – New Guidelines Will Send Fewer Nonviolent Offenders to Alabama Prisons

CA – Californians Would Go Further than Governor Brown to Cut Prison Crowding

CA – War on Drugs: The “Wobbler” Option (opinion)

CO – Electronic Monitoring of Colorado Parolees has Pitfalls

DE – Repeat Offenders  Pose Costly Problem (opinion)

IA – Iowa Judge Calls Sentencing Guidelines for Meth Dealers “Flawed”

IN – Indiana Expungement Law Takes Effect July 1

KS – Corrections Officials in Kansas Face at Least $5.6 Million in Cutbacks

LA – Federal Judge Rules Consent Decree Only Way to Fix “Indelible Stain” of Orleans Parish Prison

LA – Death Row Inmates Sue Angola Prison Over “Extreme” Temperatures

MD – Maryland’s New Jim Crow (opinion)

MS – Horrendous Abuse in Mississippi Prisons (opinion)

NC – Racial Injustice in North Carolina (opinion)

US – Collecting DNA at Arrest: Policies, Practices, and Implications (report)

US – A Conservative Case for Prison Reform (opinion)

US – Houston’s Solution to Mental Health System Problems Offers a Case Study for Milwaukee (opinion)

US – Vision 21: Transforming Victim Services (report)


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