The Future of Prison Cell Design

James Renhard Design

Education is an important factor in our society, the better educated someone is, the better that their job prospects are. For some education is not as easily accessible. With prison design it is important to find the right balance between economical issues with solving emotional issues.

With crime rates growing for many reasons we need to look into finding ways of preventing criminals from re-offending. Spend a little more to reduce crime which will reduce the cost to the tax payer in the long term as they do not need to pay as much for crime prevention or compensation to victims.

  • one in four people suffer with a mental health issue
  • The average reading age of a prisoner is 11 years old
  • Prisoners spend at least 14 hours a day in their cells
  • 49.4% of prisoners get caught re-offending
  • If you can improve a prisoners education they are less likely‚Ķ

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