Tips and Tricks for Mastering Prison Architect

Gaming Indie Style


Like many strategy games, Prison Architect can be hard to get into, and can often be very difficult. To help you on your way. To creating a successful prison, I have gathered some tips and tricks I have learned thus far. Feel free to comment with your own tips and tricks!

  • Use the planning tool wisely. As soon as you start a new map, pause it and begin planning!
  • Metal Detectors are a great way to find hidden items on your prisoners. Put a few in a place where prisoners have to pass by every now and then, and if the metal detector catches an item, it will tag the prisoner to be searched by a guard.
  • Unless you have the More Grants mod, you’re likely going to run out of grants. The only other way to make a large amount of cash is by building a workshop! Use them…
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