Vera Institute’s Sentencing & Corrections Headlines

AL – ACLU Praises Alabama Diversion Law, but Experts See Little Impact on Prison Population

CA – Ruling, Red Tape Are a Setback for California Executions

FL – Florida Accelerates its Broken System of Criminal Justice (opinion)

IA – “Lifers” in Iowa Prisons Leveling Off

IL – Senator Wants Entire Chicago Gang Arrested

MI – Prisons Adopt Postsecondary Education Programs

MN – Legislature Leaves Sex offender Program Untouched

NE – Human-Trafficking Bill Would Make Minors Immune from Prostitution Charges

OR – Sentence Reforms a Work in Progress

PA – Pennsylvania Prison Misused Solitary Confinement for Mentally Ill Inmates, Feds Say

UT – ACLU of Utah Files Federal Lawsuit Over Use of Tear Gas in Prison’s Mental Health Unit

VA – Restoring the Vote in Virginia (opinion)


US – Blacks Are Singled Out for Marijuana Arrests, Federal Data Suggests

US – DNA and Suspicionless Searches (opinion)

US – Improvements Needed in Bureau of Prisons Monitoring and Evaluation of Impact of Segregated Housing (report)

US – Justices Allow DNA Collections After an Arrest

US – No Food Stamps for Murderers and Sex Offenders Under New Farm Bill?

US – Violent Crime in U.S. Rises for First Time Since 2006

US – Why the Court Was Right to Allow Cheek Swabs (opinion)


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