OH: Changes cut prison medical expenses $26 million

From the article: “A report from the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee released yesterday showed that the number of inmate patient visits to nurses and doctors dropped by 25 percent last year from 2009.”

Key facts from the report include:

  • ·         Total DRC medical spending peaked in FY 2010, decreasing by 15.5% in FY 2012.

  •  In FY 2012, the DRC spent $67.7 million for state medical services payroll; $32 million was spent on contractors and temporary workers, including $11.8 million for dental staffing and services.
  • The number of inmates per health care worker has steadily decreased, from 65 in CY 2006 to 48 in CY 2012.
  • ·         In 2012, there were 133,923 Nurse Sick Calls and 115,505 Doctor Sick Calls across the DRC, a 25.5% and 29.6% decrease from 2009.

  • ·         Female institutions reported the greatest number of nurse sick calls in comparison to population (NEPRC), as well as the greatest increase in comparison to 2009 (DCI).

Read the article here.

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