2. Idlers, Vagabonds and Rogues

Omar in Prison: Ugandan Style

Despite working in prisons in London for more than four and a half years, alongside people who had committed extreme violence, including murder and rape, as I walked along the mud path through a small village towards Luzira Remand Prison, I was a little apprehensive. I put it down to a healthy wariness of the unknown, reminded myself of my numerous security trainings and plodded on. The many chickens and ducks with their hatchlings, and the babies being bathed in tin baths served to calm my mood as we moved onto the prison complex, where a number of prisons are located, as well as a primary school. My two colleagues and I walked towards the security officer, who had the air more of a contented cat, sitting in the shade watching the world passing him by, than a hawk-eyed gatekeeper that you may expect. He had a gun the sizeā€¦

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