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Racketeering, Smuggling, Sex with Guards: 25 Indicted in Massive Baltimore Prison Scandal


A major scandal in the Baltimore city corrections system netted an indictment of 25 people — including 13 prison guards — on charges of drug conspiracy, money laundering and racketeering, all run through a prison gang operation in which inmates virtually controlled the jail in which they were incarcerated.

Federal law enforcement officials say the defendants conspired with or took bribes from members of the Black Guerilla Family to smuggle drugs, cellphones, and other contraband in and out of the Baltimore City Detention Center and several facilities connected to it. Four female corrections officers named in the indictment even allegedly became pregnant (one of them twice) by the gang’s accused ringleader, inmate Tavon White.

(LIST: TIME’s 25 Greatest Crimes of the Century)

The scheme ran from 2009 through at least February, when it was discovered through a series of inspections by the Maryland Department of Public Safety…

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Bodmin Jail

Nearly half of Gitmo prisoners are now on hunger strike



The number of detainees taking part in a hunger strike at the US-run Guantanamo Bay military prison has grown to 77, an increase of 25 in just the past few days, according to a US military spokesman.

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel House said in a statement that of the detainees refusing food, 17 are receiving “enteral feedings,” a process involving being force-fed via tubes.

Five of the inmates have been admitted to hospital, although none faces “life-threatening conditions,” House said…

The hunger strikers are protesting against their incarceration without charge or trial at Guantanamo over the past 11 years.

“They say they want their freedom,” Al Jazeera’s Rosiland Jordan, reporting from Washington, said. “Or they’ll die trying to get it…”

Al Jazeera journalist Sami al-Haj, who spent six years at the Guantanamo Bay prison, said: “They used dogs on us, they beat me, sometimes they hung me from the ceiling…

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Liberal Paradise



It’s a regular liberal paradise, let me tell you.

Isn’t that right?

Isn’t that right?

It sounds like a real treat to me (or not).

Thanks … but no, thanks … I’ll stick with my liberty.







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The Greatest Problem facing Black America Today

"Fresh Oil"

“The New Jim Crow,”



Under Jim Crow laws, black Americans were relegated to a subordinate status for decades. Things like literacy tests for voters and laws designed to prevent blacks from serving on juries were commonplace in nearly a dozen Southern states.

In her book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, legal scholar Michelle Alexander writes that many of the gains of the civil rights movement have been undermined by the mass incarceration of black Americans in the war on drugs. She says that although Jim Crow laws are now off the books, millions of blacks arrested for minor crimes remain marginalized and disfranchised, trapped by a criminal justice system that has forever branded them as felons and denied them basic rights and opportunities that would allow them to become productive, law-abiding citizens.

Much has been made in the manosphere of the ongoing rise…

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Russian Prison Tattoos!


Found while looking for ideas for prison tattoo tee…





















prison kat



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OH: State’s high-security prisons becoming more dangerous

From the article: “For the first 12 years of its existence, Toledo Correctional Institution was free of homicides. Then, in early 2012, the state implemented a program designed to make Ohio prisons safer. Since then, there have been two inmate-on-inmate murders and twice as many physical or sexual assaults.”

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Brazil: Cops get 156 years jail each for prison massacre

Wow.  We had a prison riot in Ohio twenty years ago, resulting in the loss of life for nine inmates and one officer.

In Brazil, they also had a prison riot twenty years ago…resulting in the loss of life for 111 inmates.  The military police were sent in and apparently massacred the inmates, even those who had surrendered.  A witness says that it was like a “carpet of bodies.”  Sheesh.

Twenty years later they’re finally prosecuting.

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