Colchester Castle


Colchester Castle is currently closed for a complete refit, reopening in spring 2014. During the closure, they reopened the empty castle  for a few days for people to come and see the inside of the building all stripped back. I haven’t been to Colchester since I was a child and have been meaning to visit for ages, so this was the perfect opportunity to visit (with my Lensbaby fisheye optic in tow).

I think my personal highlight was the prison cells – see below for some pictures (on more than one occasion prisoners escaped because bits of the building collapsed). Also, another treat for those who, like me, like bricks.

IMG_0342IMG_0449IMG_0445IMG_0436IMG_0428IMG_0427IMG_0425IMG_0424 copyIMG_0420IMG_0419IMG_0418IMG_0416IMG_0408IMG_0401IMG_0396IMG_0393IMG_0376IMG_0373IMG_0372IMG_0371IMG_0358IMG_0356IMG_0355IMG_0353 copyIMG_0349 copyIMG_0344IMG_0343

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