GA: Eight Current or Former Macon State Prison Officers Charged in Conspiracy to Assault Inmates

From the DOJ Civil Rights Division press release: “Deputy Warden James Hinton and seven former members of the Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) at Macon State Prison in Oglethorpe, Ga., were charged with federal civil rights, conspiracy or obstruction offenses arising out of incidents in which inmates were allegedly assaulted by officers in order to punish the inmates for prior misconduct.   The indictment alleges that former CERT members Christopher Hall, Ronald Lach Jr., Delton Rushin, Kerry Bolden, Derrick Wimbush, Kadarius Thomas and Tyler Griffin, conspired to assault inmates, and that the seven former CERT members conspired with Deputy Warden Hinton and others to cover up their misconduct by writing false reports and providing misleading information to investigators.”

I feel like this is probably such a common occurrence in American corrections that, not to take away from the DOJ, but this is a drop in the bucket.  Still, I guess these guys won’t be doing it anymore, and hopefully it serves as a warning to other staff considering the same in GA…

Read a news article with better details than the press release here.

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5 thoughts on “GA: Eight Current or Former Macon State Prison Officers Charged in Conspiracy to Assault Inmates

  1. They know me says:

    It is about time!!!! Fire the Warden, he is useless. Lockup His cowardly, cocky ass former deputy warden, he needs to be prosecuted to the full extent possible. Let them share a cell together in D block at MSP and I will be more than happy to visit them both.

  2. Having experienced numerous types of assault while serving my sentences, I can say these reports are not a surprise to me. I am very passionate about reformation in our system of corrections due to the various fallacies associated with the good that it is suppose to reflect when it comes to reform.

    I hope we as advat individuals who show an interest in getting this news to eyes of the public can stay purpose drive and get the exposure needed to align our interest with those who have plat forms to help us get change.

  3. Vernon may says:


  4. 1 bad b says:

    They should of been investigating Deputy Warden Hinton. His power went to his head both of them. He got 1 of his employees pregant while being seperated from his wife.They lied & did fake paper work to get her moved so he wouldn’t get fired.

  5. Vernon may says:

    Sounds like this place was out of control getting someone pregnant takes two who was doing their job while all of this was going on sad for all involved they all sound like losers including tbe dumb broad to sleep with her warden and let them lie to protect him. Does the wife work at this sex den too. Wow

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